1000-Lb Sisters’ Amy Slaton Halterman Opens Up About Her Relationship With Tammy

Speaking to The Sun, Amy Slaton Halterman explained that her sister Tammy’s rehab center was “isolated”. Located in Ohio, the facility is some distance from their home in Kentucky. However, it’s still “the best place” for his sister to get the help she needs. The goal is for Tammy to lose enough weight to safely undergo bariatric surgery, which will help her lose weight even faster and achieve a healthier height.

“I think the last time I spoke to her she was around 556, 558 [pounds]”, Halterman said, adding, “She misses us, she doesn’t know anyone up there, she’s making friends. ”

The “1000-Lb Sisters” co-star also discussed Tammy’s checkered history with men. “I didn’t like any of her boyfriends, it was cool to talk to them but not [suitable for a] relationship,” she revealed, adding that Tammy tends to go all-in when she falls in love with a man, even to the point of ignoring his health. like, ‘What do you want to eat? Pizza? OK, let’s go get it. She wasn’t worried about the impact on her body.”

Halterman concluded the interview by expressing her hopes for her big sister. “I hope she finds someone who will support her, and I hope she gets some kind of surgery when she gets out of rehab.”

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