49ers OT Mike McGlinchey says he’s ahead of schedule with injury rehabilitation, expects to be ready for training camp

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49ers offensive tackle Mike McGlinchey gave reporters a noticeably positive update on his rehabilitation on Monday, saying he was very pleased with his progress and expects to be on the field once training camp begins. in July.

McGlinchey has been working hard in recent months to rehabilitate a torn quadriceps that ended his 2021 season in November. He’s been running and bodybuilding, as evidenced by some workout footage he recently posted on Instagram, and it looks like he’s only had forward momentum throughout. his rehabilitation.

“I feel good,” McGlinchey said. “I move very well. I’ve been walking for several months now. I was cleared to play golf a few months ago so life is pretty good.”

McGlinchey told reporters he wasn’t sure if he would be able to participate much in the team’s off-season training program, but was ahead of schedule from where he was originally projected. in his rehab. He gave a definite ‘yes’ when asked if he expected to be ready for camp and said he was two months ahead of what was originally a six-month schedule. months for a return to training.

“I’m just around the six-month mark,” McGlinchey said. “I think it was kind of the ballpark of being allowed to be active, and I’ve been doing activities for about two months now. So I feel really good where I am. My body feels good I’ve been able to train really hard and keep increasing volume and load and all that kind of stuff every week as I go. The pain has gone down for the most part. Obviously I still have a bit sore from practice here and there but nothing that wasn’t manageable. Nothing that didn’t allow me to practice the next day, which – knock on wood – was a pretty good sign. So I’m excited to know where I am and where I’m going in a few months.”

McGlinchey’s injury was serious, but it wasn’t quite on the level of a career-threatening situation. In fact, McGlinchey feels he is now in a better position to extend his career due to the procedure that was performed on his quad.

“I never had this conversation with anyone,” McGlinchey said. “Obviously they talk to you about all the risks, they talk to you about what’s going on with the surgery, but no one has ever told me or had the conversation with me, like ‘Hey Mike, it’s a chance to come back and play again”, because that was never an option, I wasn’t going to let that happen, this staff wasn’t going to let that happen.

“If anything, it was an issue that I dealt with for a while. It wasn’t just last season. It was years and years of football where I was a tall, long guy. , and I bend a lot for my job, and it takes a lot on your knees. So if anything, it’s going to help me at the end of my career that I have a brand new tendon quad instead of the one with tendonitis and all that stuff that comes with playing on the offensive line.”

It was hard for McGlinchey to sit and watch last season as his team moved deep into the playoffs while narrowly missing out on playing in their second Super Bowl in three seasons. But he believes his time away from the game will set him up for success this year and give him the chance to assess his fitness in a way he didn’t get the chance to earlier in his career.

“It’s hard to run out of time,” McGlinchey said. “It’s really difficult not being able to do what you love for 10 or 12 weeks, no matter what they played after my injury. But at the same time, it’s precious, because I never had time to focus completely on all aspects of my training for six straight months and what will end up being about nine months before I return to training camp, so I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to getting in the best shape of my life in training camp.”

2022 will be an important season for McGlinchey, who is in the final year of his rookie contract after being selected by the 49ers in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft. McGlinchey’s performance this season will likely be a crucial factor on whether or not the 49ers decide to give him a new contract, but he’s not heading into the season viewing it as a game-breaking situation. He would prefer to resume his career with the 49ers after 2022, but it doesn’t seem like he’s putting too much pressure on himself to make that happen.

“I don’t think anyone has ever pointed to a year of proof, and you can’t operate that way,” McGlinchey said. “It’s just an incredible pressure to put on yourself and put on the team and everything that’s going on. As far as I’m concerned, it’s not in my control. I want to be here. I want to be a 49er But at the end of the day it won’t be my decision The only thing I can control is practice right now and when the crash comes go out and play the best possible football and drop the chips as they may.”

49ers offensive tackle Mike McGlinchey appears to be making quality progress in his recovery from a season-ending quadriceps tear, according to a workout video he posted to Instagram on Wednesday. The video shows McGlinchey running and weightlifting at the 49ers facility, along with commentary on his progress that included some words of appreciation for teammate and training partner Javon Kinlaw, who is recovering from ACL reconstruction surgery. “Progress in the process,” McGlinchey wrote. “Very grateful for all the hard work and the people that are on our team. Our athletic training staff, our strength and conditioning staff, and everyone else at the Niners are helping me come back and stronger than ever. Y’all are world class!

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