Abadie’s CAS Inquire conference on drug addicts will take place on January 25 | Nebraska today

Roberto Abadie, assistant professor of anthropology at the School of Global Integrative Studies, will deliver the talk “No Pleasure: Addiction, Poverty, and the Everyday Lives of Drug Users” at 5:30 p.m. on January 25 at the Nebraska Union Auditorium. The exhibit is part of the College of Arts and Sciences’ CASE Series of inquiries.

The event is free and open to the public and will be offered via Zoom. Registration is available here for the livestream.

As an ethnography of people who inject drugs in Puerto Rico, Abadie’s presentation will examine the sociocultural environment that promotes and sustains addiction while illustrating the effects of continued drug use on people’s lives. reached. Although rooted in Puerto Rican history, it aims to present a more comprehensive view of what it means to live with addiction.

“As drug addicts become addicted to the drug, most of their efforts are directed not toward the pursuit of pleasure but toward the prevention of painful withdrawal symptoms or disease,” Abadie wrote.

Her research focuses on how different forms of social stratification, particularly class, race, and ethnicity, contribute to producing and reproducing health inequalities among marginalized populations.

The talk is the fourth in the series related to this year’s theme “Pleasure and Pain”. Learn more about the CASE Find out about the program and watch previous lectures.

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