AEW’s Jon Moxley Opens Up About Alcoholism: ‘I Was In Living Hell’ | Launderer’s report

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Ahead of his match against New Japan Pro-Wrestling legend Hiroshi Tanahashi for the Interim AEW World Championship at Forbidden Door on Sunday, AEW star Jon Moxley opened up about his alcohol addiction and his recovery in progress.

In an interview with ESPN Marc Raimondi this week, Moxley discussed what led him to enter an inpatient alcohol treatment program on Halloween night last year.

Moxley told Raimondi that he had been addicted to alcohol for a long time and was “screwed for almost 18 years”.

He said he basically needed alcohol to function on a daily basis and was afraid to quit after googling alcohol withdrawal symptoms, which included seizures, cardiac arrest and even death.

As a result, the former WWE and AEW World Champion had embarked on a destructive routine of waking up hungover before drinking water, using the sauna and taking aspirin throughout the day.

When he could barely function after getting drunk before a flight home to his wife and three-month-old daughter, and couldn’t take his daughter for Halloween tricks or treats, Moxley decided it was time to get help.

After a successful stint in the treatment program, Moxley returned to AEW about three months later in January and appeared to be in spectacular physical condition compared to before.

Moxley said that although he faced challenges during his recovery, such as nightmares and mood swings, it was a major improvement, saying, “I’m going to take this route from this. that I was going through before, especially in the last few months. [before treatment]. I do not know. Everything blurs together. I was in living hell, absolute hell.”

Renée PaquetteMoxley’s wife and former WWE host, said Thursday that Moxley has been sober since undergoing treatment nearly eight months ago.

Even before getting help, Moxley was considered one of the best wrestlers in the world, enjoying success in AEW, WWE, and several other promotions around the world.

Since returning to wrestling in January, he’s cemented himself as one of AEW’s biggest and most popular stars, earning himself a prime spot in a landmark pay-per-view.

On Sunday, Moxley will take part in one of the biggest matches of his career, the Main Event of a co-scored event hosted by AEW and NJPW.

If Moxley defeats Tanahashi, it will set the stage for a future AEW World Championship match between Moxley and CM Punk, which is among the most anticipated wrestling matches.

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