Alcohol Rehab in Ohio: Get the Best Treatment for Alcoholism

Did you know that alcohol use disorder affects more than 14.5 million people in the United States only. In fact, almost one in five adults in Ohio having indulged in heavy drinking or binge drinking in the past month. Fortunately, there is reliable professional support if you are looking for alcohol rehab in Ohio.

Everyone’s recovery is different. And the best treatment centers understand that getting the best results means finding unique solutions for each individual. At The Woods at Parkside, we understand the dangers of alcohol addiction and how important it is to give everyone who walks through our doors personalized and compassionate care.

The Dangers of Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction increases your risk of developing health problems, both short and long term. For example, excessive alcohol consumption can cause blackouts and alcohol poisoning. And excessive alcohol consumption affects your motor skills and judgment, which can lead to injuries, traffic accidents, and a myriad of other short-term physical and social problems.

However, the long-term risks of alcohol abuse can be even more concerning. You could develop pancreatitis and liver diseases like fatty liver disease and cirrhosis. There is also evidence that alcohol increases your risk of cancer, including breast cancer, mouth cancer, throat cancer, liver cancer, and colon cancer. Long-term drinkers are also more likely to develop diabetes and heart disease.

Finally, drinking alcohol can have a detrimental effect on your personal life. This strains your relationships with partners, family, and friends, which can lead to isolation. And the resulting isolation can lead to even more alcohol abuse, creating a vicious circle. But it’s not just your personal life that alcohol can damage.

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Alcohol addiction can compromise your professional life, causing you to perform less well at work or even lose your job. Legal issues (DUI, assault charges) can even reduce your job opportunities in the future. For this reason, you should never let the fear of losing your job keep you from seeking essential care at an alcoholic rehab in Ohio.

Alcohol Dependence Treatment in Ohio

The Woods at Parkside isn’t just another run-of-the-mill Ohio rehab. We recognize that each individual’s journey to recovery and lifelong sobriety is unique. No one else has lived your life, and we work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan. And by providing you with a full continuum of care, we can help you from the first day you stop drinking until you adjust to everyday life and only need occasional support.

Our alcohol rehab in Ohio offers the following treatments:

Detox under medical supervision

When you develop a strong physical addiction, stopping drinking cold turkey can lead to excruciating withdrawal symptoms. And trying to detox on your own can be a dangerous, even deadly situation. In many cases, individuals will relapse shortly after quitting just to stop the withdrawals. But at Woods at Parkside, our medically supervised detox program allows you to detox in the safest and most comfortable way possible.

Dual diagnosis treatment

Alcohol addiction and mental illness often go hand in hand. When the two occur together, it is called dual diagnosis. If you’ve been drinking heavily since a young age, chances are you have an undiagnosed mental health disorder.

When you suffer from an undiagnosed or untreated mental illness, recovery from addiction is an almost impossible challenge. At Woods at Parkside, our team of addiction specialists and psychiatrists work together to diagnose and treat concurrent disorders like alcohol addiction and mental illness.

group therapy

ohio treatment group therapy

One of the hardest parts of recovering from addiction is feeling isolated from people who might not understand what you’re going through. In group therapy, you have the opportunity to share experiences and perspectives with others on the road to recovery. A group setting provides you with a valuable support network that can boost your confidence and self-esteem.

Life skills groups

At The Woods at Parkside, we believe that the best treatment goes beyond helping you overcome alcohol addiction in the present: it’s also about providing you with skills and tools that will enrich your life in the future. ‘to come up. Our life skills groups are designed to make your post-treatment life as rewarding as possible. At our Ohio Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center, you can explore four different life skill clusters:

  • Food. Food is the foundation of clean health, both physical and mental. Learning to cook not only gives you complete control over the foods you put into your body, but also teaches you the therapeutic nature of the cooking process. In our cooking classes, you will learn about nutrition, food preparation and food safety.
  • Laundry skills. Self-care is an important aspect of recovery from addiction and mental health. Our laundry classes teach you real-world skills to better manage your personal hygiene and improve your mental health. You will learn color and fabric sorting, washing techniques, and organizing strategies.
  • Budgeting. Worrying about finances is one of life’s greatest stressors. Setting and following a budget can be overwhelming if you’ve never done it before, which can make it harder to escape alcohol. In our budgeting courses, you’ll learn how to use your current income to create a budget that allows you to spend wisely, save for emergencies, and start tackling debt and loan repayments.
  • Management of time. Learning to budget your finances is even more powerful when you learn to budget your time. Good time management will help you balance your recovery with the rest of your personal obligations while allowing you time to explore your personal interests. Everyone’s life is different and we work with you to create the optimal schedule for your unique situation.

Music therapy

During your treatment for alcoholism, it is normal to feel strong waves of emotions, including depression and anxiety. Music has always been a healthy way to deal with these feelings, whether you’re playing an instrument or just listening. At The Woods at Parkside, you have the opportunity to let music play a central role in your recovery.

Recreational therapy

Exercise and mental health have a strong bond. When you exercise, your brain releases serotonin and dopamine, chemicals that play an important role in mental health and addiction recovery. Adding more movement to your daily life can help you sleep better, relieve stress and anxiety, improve your mood and memory, and even improve your concentration.

The Woods at Parkside offers a wide range of recreational therapy activities. Guided activities like the book exercise and yoga help you build strength and practice mindfulness whether you’re fit or athletic. If sports are more your thing, we have basketball, volleyball, corn hole and ping pong. Finally, you can enjoy the fresh air and nature on a peaceful nature hike around our treatment center.

Find an alcohol rehab in Ohio you can trust

The Woods at Parkside offers the highest level of compassionate, evidence-based alcohol rehabilitation in Ohio. Our team of addiction specialists, therapists, doctors and nurses have decades of experience helping people achieve lasting recovery. If you are ready to begin your treatment journey or simply want to learn more about our facility, contact our Admissions Specialists at 614-471-2552. Or if you prefer, you can fill out our confidential contact form.

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