Alcoholic drinks will be served in the main thoroughfare of Devonshire Shopping Center for the first time in 20 years

Turbo espresso bar will be the first new LCBO licensee in the main thoroughfare of Devonshire Shopping Center to offer alcoholic beverages in more than 20 years.

The business will serve paninis, Italian ice cream and local wine, beer and spirits to shoppers with its new location at the end of July.

The owners say that Turbo Espresso Bar can provide the alcoholic beverages thanks to the cooperation of the City of Windsor and the work of Valerie Dawn, principal architect at Glos Arch + Eng.

“When we were first told that it was impossible, that’s what really piqued my interest,” said owner Renaldo Agostino. “People who know me understand that I like a good challenge. I like to make positive things happen. This is a game changer for small businesses like ours and it couldn’t have happened without Valerie Dawn and the wonderful staff at the City of Windsor.

He says the establishment was able to obtain a liquor license by using a shared washroom and without a formal outside exit – two things that traditionally made it difficult to apply for a license.

“When Renaldo approached me to help him manage approvals for his business, it was clear that the municipality had historically taken a clear stance on classifying approved establishments of any size that would prevent his vision from moving forward. before (not explicitly, but in practical application), ”said Dawn.

She said that together they came up with a solution that meets the requirements and intent of the Ontario Building Code, while easing existing restrictions for cafe spaces under 30 seats.

“In an industry riddled with red tape, I am always excited and encouraged to participate in this kind of case-by-case problem solving to support local businesses in our city,” Dawn added.

Dawn said bureaucracy was the reason no one else had done it.

“Licensing for a small space in a shared environment has been made impossible by expensive and inconvenient architectural improvements,” said Dawn. “As a professional new to this area, I was able to bring in the perspective of other municipalities, and I was happy to see that the City of Windsor construction department was filled with brilliant, good people. mood and critical spirit who were open to dialogue.

Turbo Espresso Bar Devonshire Mall and will seat up to 30 customers, designed by Ramy Yacoub of NXT Level, the cafe will have a cozy lounge feel.

“Devonshire Shopping Center is delighted to welcome Turbo Espresso Bar to the centre’s strong retail mix and is happy to support local retail,” said Chris Savard, Managing Partner of Cushman & Wakefield, the firm of management of the Devonshire shopping center.

Turbo Devonshire Shopping Center also strives to offer local wine, beer and spirits to take away. Shoppers will be able to take home a bottle of North 42 wine or a six pack of beers from Walkerville Brewery and other participating local merchants.

The mall will be open seven days a week. Turbo’s downtown location is open six days a week with indoor dining available starting this weekend.

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