Barrow woman talks recovery from alcoholism in documentary

A FORMER alcoholic who drank before her children got up for school in the morning spoke of her struggles.

In a video produced by Oké Productions titled Surviving Addictions, Kristie Keating of Barrow was asked about her struggles with addiction.

She explained that it affected every aspect of her life, from her relationship with her ex-husband and friends to her ability to take care of her children.

She said: “Towards the end of my drinking, I would get up and have a drink, no matter what time it was.

“I would then continue to drink maybe a few wines or two, and then my children would get up.

“I would make sure they were sent to school, but they would have stayed out of school to look after me if I was hungover or sick or couldn’t not work.”

Kristie explained that her drinking habits were affecting her children’s schooling, but she didn’t understand how serious her addiction was.

She said: “My daughter was getting a phone call from her school to pick up the other two little ones because I wasn’t there.

“I couldn’t take care of my children.

“There’s a joke in the house that I went upstairs to take a bath with a bottle of vodka and came downstairs with a bottle of baileys.

“There are a lot of jokes in my family about things I just can’t remember.”

In the documentary, Kristie opened up about her “lowest” moment, which made her never drink again.

The day before one of her daughters’ birthday, she had gone out drinking and returned home “in a mess”.

She said: “The next day my eldest daughter had a hospital appointment for a brain scan and I was unsuccessful.

“I remember those text messages, her feeling of abandonment and the pain in those messages.

“My friend was with us, put me to bed and decorated the house with balloons and streamers for the birthday.

“Then when we were at the pub [to celebrate]my eldest daughter stood in front of me and told me if I had another drink she would take the kids.

“I remember going to the bar, I was hooked on the bar for life and I think that was my moment of letting go.

“I remember the feelings, the emotion and the fear of having another drink. Everyone was looking at me because I went to sit with a J2O.”

The full documentary, Surviving Addiction, is available on YouTube.

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