Bitcoin Rehabilitation Clinic opens, helps people who lost millions in crypto

I’m sure most of us know someone who has lost money, and some of them huge sums, because of cryptocurrency. It is therefore not surprising to learn that the first cryptocurrency addiction rehabilitation clinic has opened in Scotland.

The new rehabilitation clinic in Scotland is one of, if not the first addiction clinic in the crypto trade, overseen by therapist Tony Marini. Marini claims to be the first doctor to recognize that cryptocurrency trading is very similar to gambling. Marini adds that most addicts start out by trading occasionally, but it increases once you start making a little bit of money, that is. which increases dopamine (feelings of well-being) and the hope of making millions.

But then the addictive behavior kicks in and thousands, hundreds of thousands, or millions of dollars can be lost. Marini spoke to Decrypt, where he said: “If you say to someone who does crypto, “so you play occasionally”, they’ll say “no, I’m not”. So, delete the word game and say “occasional trade”. Usually people start because they want to buy stuff from the dark web. And the only way to do that is with cryptocurrency. The biggest problem is this cross dependency [with crypto] start with drugs and alcohol“.

The Crypto Drug Addiction Clinic is run in a beautiful 18th century castle, located approximately 25 miles from Edinburgh, Scotland. Marini also doesn’t talk about any experiences, he is an addict himself – drugs, alcohol, gambling – and now helps people with various addictions, including crypto traders.

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