Boracay Rehab Group: Beach is safe for swimming

BORACAY—The Boracay Interagency Rehabilitation Management Group (BIARMG) said on Saturday that the presence of green algae along the island’s coast was a natural phenomenon and not a sign of a decline in water quality.

In a press release, the BIARMG specifies that algae proliferate normally during the dry season.

“It’s not toxic and shouldn’t be a cause for concern. In fact, algae volume has naturally decreased significantly over the past 2 weeks,” the BIARMG said.

He added that faecal coliform levels on the island’s foredeck were between 8 and 11 mpn (most likely number) per 100 milliliters between January and February 2022. BIAMG said this met quality standards water for swimming, which is 100 mpn per 100 ml.

Boracay Rehab Group: Beach is safe for swimming 2

Photo courtesy of Jhay-are Nabua Padilla

Boracay as it reopened to tourists amid the COVID-19 pandemic in this photo taken October 1, 2020. Stanley Buenafe Gajete/File

“Tourists are assured that Boracay’s waters are clean and safe for swimming and BIARMG is unwavering in its mandate to provide accurate information to the public,” said BIARMG Chief Executive Officer Martin Jose V. Despi.

The City of Boracay’s office of environment and natural resources said the algae is expected to last until April or May. — Reporting by Rolan Escaniel

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