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Jaipur: A 16-year-old boy living with his family in a village in the area of ​​Nohar Police Station in Hanumangarh reportedly killed his parents with an ax on Wednesday evening.
Police arrested the boy on Thursday and, during the preliminary investigation, found he was angry with his parents for sending him to a nearby drug rehab center from which he had returned a few years ago. days. Police added that he had an argument with his parents when they learned he would be sent to the drug rehab center again.
After brutally killing his parents while they were sleeping, the boy left the house and told the villagers about the incident.
According to the police, with the exception of the parents, the family consisted of this boy and his younger brother and lived in a hamlet located under Nohar police station in Hanumangarh.
“We learned that the accused boy was addicted to sedatives, pills and other such drugs. So his parents sent him to the drug rehab center. Upon his return, he was taken to his maternal grandparents’ house. On Wednesday, he was taken home and he fought with his parents for sending him to the re-education center. In addition, it was discovered that he had learned that he would be sent to the rehabilitation center again. Later that night, he attacked the parents with an ax while they were sleeping, ”Ravindra Singh, a Station House (SHO) officer from Nohar Police Station, told TOI on Thursday.
As the accused boy is a minor, police did not name his deceased parents. “He attacked his parents at 9:30 pm Wednesday night with an ax. When our team also arrived on site, we discovered multiple injuries on the bodies of the 42-year-old man and his 38-year-old wife. The bodies lay in a pool of blood, ”Singh said.
As the boy attacked his parents, his younger brother came to their aid but was also severely beaten by the accused and fired. “We also seized the bloodstained ax used in the murder. The boy was questioned and detained, ”he said.


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