Brazos Valley promises to impact people recovering from addiction

BRAZOS COUNTY, TX – Rock Prairie Behavioral Health, a mental hospital closed earlier this year and was quickly replaced by the Brazos Valley Promises, a drug addiction treatment center.

Promises Brazos Valley has been open for about three months, and in no time, they’re already making an impact in the community.

The nursing director says watching his patients recover gives him a purpose.

“It’s also very humbling to see the things that they’ve been through and to know that a lot of people have huge, difficult challenges in their lives. And not everyone has that and for them to go through them and pulling out the other side is pretty rewarding, ”said Jeremy Stevens, director of nursing at KRHD 25 News.

Steven’s background is on the psychiatric side of mental health. Joining Promises when it opened three months ago changed her perspective on drug addiction.

“It’s something that I’ve seen in my life, my family members. But now I can see it from a different perspective. It’s a lot more of a disease,” Stevens said.

He and the rest of the team continue to work to break the stigma and help those with addictions and concurrent mental health issues.

“The community has really embraced it, it’s a need, absolutely,” said Cameron House, CEO of Promises Brazos Valley.

“Just go through the day. Don’t worry about tomorrow. Don’t worry about today,” Stevens said.

The College Station location serves an average of 10 patients per week.

“On many occasions we serve patients and now they are active in our alumni association and in the community helping others who were there,” House said.

The facility started with residential programs and has already expanded to provide outpatient services as well.


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