Byron Buxton of the twins nearing the start of his rehabilitation

But ultimately, there seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel: Baldelli said on Monday that Buxton could be sent to rehab “towards the end of the week.”

Baldelli said Buxton could serve as a designated hitter first and if all goes well he could “play on the field for at least a day, if not several days, and then hopefully join us.”

Buxton, who was on the pitch with his teammates ahead of the game on Monday, said he started hitting in the cage over the weekend and it felt good. The real test for him is running, which he started doing but hasn’t progressed to the basics yet.

Although Buxton admitted that the progress is “just a little slower” than he would like, he is happy with the progress he has made and said that “just about everyone” is helping him not. not rush back.

“They tell me that enough to make sure I’m smart, not too much,” Buxton said. “It’s really good to have (the team) back and to have this positive energy to come back here and be healthy quickly.”

A struggling Twins side could certainly use Buxton, who was hitting .370 with a base percentage of .408 and a slugging percentage of .772 at the time of his injury, and it seems possible they will get him back earlier than initially. planned.

“The doctors made it worse than I thought it was going to be, I guess,” Buxton said. “For me, I know my body is recovering pretty quickly, so I knew I had that on my side. For me, it wasn’t going to be six weeks.

Four facing injuries

Luis Arraez (shoulder), Max Kepler (hamstrings), Nelson Cruz (wrist) and Jorge Polanco (ankle) were all excluded from the Twins’ starting lineup on Monday as they continue to face ailments.

Arraez injured his shoulder in a slip in Cleveland, Kepler’s hamstring strain affected his ability to run in the outfield, and neither Polanco nor Cruz have played since Thursday. Cruz was hit in the wrist with a throw that day during the team’s double in Anaheim, Calif.

The injury collection left the Twins shorthanded on the bench.

Kepler and Polanco’s injuries appear to be more serious than the other two, and Baldelli said, “I don’t really think anyone can answer this now,” when asked if they could avoid the injured list. .

“If we get to the point where the guys aren’t improving enough on a daily basis and they won’t be able to help us over the next few days, then we’ll make a decision when we get there,” Baldelli mentioned. “I don’t think we’re there yet. But when you have more than one or two guys getting pushed around like that, that also becomes a factor in the decision, too, when you’re dealing with four, five, six guys.

Polanco, who received a cortisone injection over the weekend, was testing the ankle pre-game on Monday. He took field drills and participated in stick training.

The infielder has had two surgery on his right ankle and further aggravated it earlier this month with a slip in a game against Oakland. The ankle is particularly troublesome for Polanco when he swings to the left, which resulted in a drop in production last season as he tried to play through the pain.

“We want to be sure where it is, what mechanism it feels it and how it affects it – whether it’s exactly the same as before or if it’s a little different,” Baldelli said. “And that’s what testing him and putting him through all of these things, hopefully.


Assistant strength and conditioning coach Andrea Hayden has accepted a job with the Stanford University women’s basketball team, spending her last day with the Twins on Monday. Hayden, who first joined the Twins in 2019 for a scholarship, was promoted ahead of the 2020 season and became the first female strength and conditioning coach in major league history. … Baldelli said Kenta Maeda, who is on the injured list with an adductor strain, also suffers from a slight pain in her arm, and it would be “at least a few days before we start putting a bullet back in. his hand.”

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