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With the end of 2021, some residents of the Maritimes expect another “dry” year, where people cut alcohol for the month of January.

It’s a growing trend that some local brewers and wine growers are trying to follow.

“I believe there is definitely a place for an extraordinary sensory experience without alcohol,” said Jean-Benoit Delaurier, head winemaker at Benjamin Bridge – a vineyard in Wolfville, NS.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have turned to non-alcoholic alternatives, and beverage makers in the Maritimes are ready for this market.

Upstreet Craft Breweryis lying in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island has its own line of alcohol-free craft beers called Libra.

“People are looking to consume less alcohol, whether through beers that are low in ABV or non-alcoholic options, and they are looking to incorporate alcohol-free options into their lives,” said Mitch Cobb, owner of Upstreet Craft Brewing. “It doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to stop drinking. It just means that they are looking for other options ”

Cobb says their brand Libra aims to break down the social stigma associated with not drinking.

“And still meeting friends and going out to dinner and they don’t have to stay home and not drink. They can go out and socialize,” Cobb said.

Even some restaurants follow the trend, like Rustico., a restaurant in downtown Fredericton.

“So we actually have a variety of mock tails on our menu. Our most popular cocktail, the tequila mocker, is now the “tequila mocker,” said Stephanie Bartlett, CEO of RustiCo. “We’re really creative here with infused syrups and the use of juices. It feels like we’re having a cocktail which is sort of our goal.”

Bartlett says her restaurant is fully prepared for those who choose to participate in Dry January.

“I think it’s important to have that option because you still want to have fun with your friends and you still want to go out and socialize, and that gives you an opportunity,” Bartlett said. “If you have a variety of things that they’ll want to drink, that makes them a bit more comfortable while they’re out.”

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Stress Can Cause Binge Drinking In Women, Not Men – LIFESTYLE – GENERAL Thu, 30 Dec 2021 05:38:23 +0000

New research has shown that stress alone can lead women to binge drinking. The study was published in the “Psychology of Addictive Behaviors Journal”.

Men who experienced the same stress only drank to excess when they had already started drinking.

Although rates of alcohol abuse are higher among men than women, women are catching up. Women are also at greater risk than men of developing alcohol-related problems.

Participants consumed alcoholic beverages in a simulated bar while experiencing stressful and non-stressful situations. Stress caused women, but not men, to drink more than expected, a finding that demonstrated the importance of studying gender differences in alcohol consumption.

“Some people may intend to drink an alcoholic drink or two and stop drinking, but others just keep going. and deregulated alcohol consumption. The role of stress in impaired control of alcohol consumption is under-studied, particularly in women, ”said Julie Patock-Peckham, assistant research professor at ASU and lead author of the study. .

The study took place in a research lab designed to simulate a bar, complete with a bartender, bar stools, and lively conversations. Participants included 105 women and 105 men. They were randomly assigned to different groups, some experiencing a stressful situation and others a non-stressful situation. Then, half of the participants received one alcoholic drink equivalent to three cocktails, and the other half received three non-alcoholic drinks. After that, all participants had unlimited access to alcoholic drinks from the bar for 90 minutes.

“We know that genes and the environment play a role in problematic alcohol use. We can’t do anything about the genes, but we can intervene with the environment. Stress and impaired control of drinking. alcohol are closely related, and because stress is something we can handle, we tested whether stressors cause deregulated alcohol use, ”said Patock-Peckham, who heads the Social Addictions Impulse Lab at the ‘KNEW.

The experimental setup allowed the research team to determine whether stress, the initial drink, or a combination of the two caused the amount of alcohol the participants consumed. The team measured alcohol consumption in a total number of drinks consumed and using alcohol content in breath (BP).

Exposure to stress led to binge drinking in all participants. The men who received the first drink containing alcohol and who experienced stress drank more than the men who received the placebo.

Whether or not the first drink was alcoholic mattered to women: Stress led to binge drinking.

“The fact that women just need the stress but men need the boost to already have alcohol on board shows how important this type of research is. are not the same for men and women, and we cannot continue to use models that have been developed in men to help women, ”said Patock-Peckham.

The study was funded by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism and Burton Family Foundation. In addition to Patock-Peckham, the research team included William Corbin, professor of psychology at ASU; Heather Smyth and Arian Rouf, graduate students at ASU; Jessica Canning of the University of Washington; and J. Williams of RTI International.

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Fancy a dry January? Here’s what you need to know about abstaining from alcohol for a month. Wed, 29 Dec 2021 10:06:15 +0000

Stopping drinking for a month after the excesses of the holiday season – otherwise known as dry January – has become a popular New Year’s resolution. And this year, although the stress of the pandemic and a new variant could make an even more tempting nightcap, experts say it’s always worth taking the time to reassess your drinking in the New Year.

“With the pandemic, what the research is telling us is that people are using more substances in general,” said Erin Goodhart, senior clinical director of women’s services at Caron Treatment Centers, a treatment program for the disease. addiction with multiple facilities in the Philadelphia area.

Although some people stop drinking completely after a month of abstinence, many use Dry January as a starting point to explore their drinking habits and change them if necessary. “One of the benefits of Dry January is using it as a way to look at some of your substance use or alcohol use, and develop new habits,” Goodhart said.

There isn’t much research on Dry January itself, but some studies show that stopping drinking for a month can have beneficial health effects, Patricia Powell, deputy director of the National Institute, wrote on alcohol abuse and alcoholism, in an e-mail. A 2016 study of over 800 adults in the UK who undertook a Dry January found that most participants drank less and got drunk less often afterwards, Powell said.

Many Dry January attendees try to abstain from alcohol altogether for a month, but any reduction in alcohol consumption can be beneficial, said Henry Kranzler, physician and director of the Center for Studies of Addiction at Perelman. School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. Some participants may stop drinking during the week or just reduce their alcohol intake in general.

“I think the safest approach to drinking is to think of it like driving,” Kranzler said. “There is no level of safety that people drive. If you drive, you are at risk of having an accident, and potentially fatal. Corn How? ‘Or’ What how much you drive can significantly influence your risk, just as the amount of alcohol you drink can significantly influence your risk for alcohol-related harm.

He said: “The evidence strongly suggests the idea that men or women should not drink more than a standard drink per day on average.” (A standard drink is a 12-ounce bottle of beer, five-ounce wine, or one ounce of alcohol.)

Kranzler is not a teetotaler – “Alcohol is not good for you, on the whole, and I say this with some degree of discomfort, only because I really like good wine,” said he said, laughing. But he tries to limit himself to these guidelines.

Recovery or well-being is not the same for everyone, Goodhart said. “Even if participants don’t drink problematically or don’t intend to maintain long-term abstinence, there are still benefits to doing Dry January,” she said. “You can develop new hobbies, develop a support system, find other things that you enjoy doing with friends that are not around alcohol. In Philadelphia, that might not even mean avoiding the bar – many restaurants here have developed increasingly sophisticated mocktails over the years.

“If your idea of ​​relaxing or taking care of yourself at the end of the night is with a glass of wine or a cocktail, think of things you can do to always feel rewarded: take a hot shower, read a book, keep a journal, ”says Goodhart.

The development of new coping mechanisms may be particularly needed as the COVID-19 pandemic enters its third year. Powell said research from 2020 suggests more people increased their alcohol consumption during the pandemic.

READ MORE: Women now drink as much as men and are prone to disease earlier

Stress has particularly contributed to the increase in alcohol consumption, she said. “Being a woman, having kids at home, dealing with depression or anxiety, and losing income were associated with higher alcohol consumption,” she said. “Early data suggests more people have developed alcohol-related liver disease and needed transplants during the pandemic, and one study suggests hospitalizations related to alcohol withdrawal have also increased.”

People who are physically dependent on alcohol should be careful before suddenly stopping drinking, as alcohol withdrawal can be fatal in severe cases. Powell said heavy drinkers should see their doctor before starting Dry January and talk about the possibility of them going into withdrawal. And, she added, once the month is over, it’s important to try not to make up for lost alcohol consumption – in the UK study on Dry January, around 11% of participants said they drink more. six months later.

READ MORE: Alcohol abuse fueled by pandemic creates wave of hospitalizations for liver disease

For people who find it harder to quit smoking than expected, the NIAAA has an online navigation system to help connect patients to treatment for alcohol use disorders.

For anyone considering abstaining for the month, Goodhart said, letting friends and family know about your plans can make it easier to achieve your goal.

“The more connected you can be with a professional or a peer support system, the better. Just by opening the door for a friend, having someone you can check in with – we can really reduce the shame or the stigma by having one or two trustworthy people to turn to if you’re having a hard time, ”he said. she declared.

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Community can be the healing link in recovery from alcoholism Sat, 25 Dec 2021 03:00:51 +0000

COLORADO SPRINGS – The holidays bring with them parties, work celebrations, family reunions and more. Often times, alcohol is present at many, if not all, of these parties.

Alcoholism is more common than you might think. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 14.5 million people aged 12 and over suffered from alcohol use disorders, also known as AUD.

Fay Zenoff, addiction recovery wellness strategist, said harm reduction plans for people struggling with alcoholism, substances or anything else often look like an ‘all or nothing’ model , which means that the key to success in the program is learning to live without the substance or continuing to live with an addiction.

“It’s important to have difficult conversations about the difficulty of addiction,” Zenoff said. “Frankly, everything you know about drug addiction is wrong. The opposite of addiction is not recovery, it is connection. Connection is the key.

Another aspect of addiction recovery that Zenoff touched on was how we interpret difficult conversations and our fears worsened with them.

“We need to rethink our patterns of hard love. It has to come from a place of love, like saying ‘Hey, I’m worried about you. If you have any concerns about your drinking, I’m here to help, ”said Zenoff.

She said that often in the past, hard love felt like the shame or guilt of the individual struggling to change their current behavior – a strategy that doesn’t work. What really works is encouraging the person to say that the two of you are there to help them and that you are ready to listen when they open up, if they want to.

“What I discovered was that owning this part of myself and talking about it allowed me to turn that shame into vulnerability, humility and openness to connection and help,” said Zenoff.

A big part of fighting addiction is understanding the pain that comes with the stigma.

“When we can recognize the importance of language and define it for ourselves, we can be empowered to own our own narrative and help others – and that’s destigmatization,” Zenoff said. “It takes courage to own it and then have the courage to talk about it and part of that is a journey. “

Zenoff encourages all who are looking for ways to lovingly have difficult conversations with the loved ones in their life to visit his website found here.

Other resources she recommended include:

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From rehab to Pro Bowl: Raiders’ Maxx Crosby looks back on his journey – Las Vegas Raiders blog Thu, 23 Dec 2021 11:02:42 +0000

HENDERSON, Nevada – His voice broke first. Then his eyes reddened and moistened.

Maxx Crosby, hours after learning he was nominated for his first career Pro Bowl, was overcome with emotion and, finally, memories as recent as they were painful.

“I was in rehab almost two years ago, and now I’m in the Pro Bowl,” said Crosby, the popular and effective Las Vegas Raiders defensive end Monday night after his team survived a battles with COVID-ravaged Cleveland Browns.

“It’s just a blessing, man. I introduce myself and try to be the best teammate …”

Crosby paused.

“I try to be the best teammate every day and show my guys that I care,” he continued. “It just got home, man. It’s special. It makes my family proud, my girlfriend. Everyone around me is calling and blowing up my phone.”

Crosby laughed.

“I’m crying like a baby because I know I’ve worked so hard,” he added, “and it’s starting to pay off.”

Crosby, the 2019 Raiders Whirling Dervish fourth-round pick in eastern Michigan, who reminded owner Mark Davis and Raiders Hall of Fame general manager Mike Mayock Ted Hendricks, has found clarity after his rookie season. As he told ESPN in August, that’s when he went to rehab for a month-long stay, claiming that “alcoholism is present in my family and I am an alcoholic “.

March will mark two years of sobriety for him and the irony, he said, is that his best sack season was his rookie season, when he racked up 10 sacks.

But he was also racking up mileage on his body off the pitch. Hence the need for change.

And when the Raiders moved from Oakland to Las Vegas last year, he contracted COVID-19 and was quarantined at his desert home during camp, practicing pass-rush moves on a lonely palm tree in his backyard and picking out shards after his sessions.

This camp, he was named team captain by his colleagues, another step in his march towards sobriety and clarity. And as interim coach Rich Bisaccia noted, while saying he didn’t want to get emotional talking about it, it was “monumental” in Crosby’s journey.

“It certainly showed that he had the power to set an example that others wanted to follow,” Bisaccia said, before moving on to Crosby’s football production. Because, as Crosby himself put it, he alone has five sacks this season.

“What [he’s] teaching people to do is looking beyond the numbers, “Bisaccia added.” Look at the relentless effort the guy plays in every game and watch the relentless effort he puts into practice. Thus, he has become the power of example in many ways. The other thing he’s done a great job at while he’s been here is because of the things he’s been through, and [tight end] Darren Waller did it too, they speak out. They feel like if they can help a person, if they can just reach someone, not only on our team, but on the outside, they’ve both done both, with our team and with people outside. “

There is no doubt that life is more important than the distinctions on the court. But putting some order in his life allowed him to obtain these distinctions. Because, as Crosby pointed out, his five sacks only rank 50th in the NFL.

Pro Football Focus, meanwhile, offers Crosby an All-Pro season with his analyzes.

Entering Monday’s game in Cleveland, Crosby led all peak rushers in pressure (78) and tied for first in pass winning percentage (25.8%) and was second in the PFF score (90.9) and the pass rush score (91.8). That pressure has served the Raiders (7-7), who host the Denver Broncos on Sunday at Allegiant Stadium (4:25 p.m. ET, CBS) in a game up for grabs if they hope to stay in the playoff race.

Crosby is one of three Raiders named at the NFL All-Star Game, which will be played in Vegas on February 2, along with Denzel Perryman, the Raiders’ first linebacker since Matt Millen in 1988, and AJ Cole, who joins Shane. Lechler and the Hall of Famer Ray Guy as bettors of the Raiders thus selected.

The last Raiders Pro Bowl edge rusher chosen? A guy by the name of Khalil Mack, and we all know how it ended. With the Raiders having previously given extra time to quarterback Derek Carr, guard Gabe Jackson, defensive tackle Justin Ellis and wide receiver Seth Roberts, Mack – the 2016 NFL Defensive Player of the Year – held off in 2018 rather than to play in his fifth year. option valued at $ 13 million. The Raiders traded him to the Chicago Bears.

Las Vegas could face a similar dilemma this offseason, with Carr having only one year left on the five-year, $ 125 million deal he signed in 2018 and Crosby’s four-year rookie deal. also expiring after the 2022 season.

But with so much uncertainty facing the Raiders this upcoming offseason – New GM? New coach? New QB? – Crosby was a stabilizing influence on the defensive line and gave credit to veteran D line coach Rod Marinelli.

“He pushes me every day,” Crosby said. “He pushes me every day to be the best, the best player I can be. And I want to kill him sometimes. He wants to kill me. He wants to kill me.”

Crosby laughed again.

“But he just wants the best for me,” he said. “He knows what I want; I want to be the best in the league and he pushes me to be that guy every day.”

Marinelli said of Crosby’s growth: “It’s like watching the Grand Canyon grow. It took a million years before it was finished and it’s the same as a player. It evolves slowly, day after day. “Woah, man, he’s grown up. It’s that type of process and he’s been very diligent about it … to watch it grow, he’s driven millions of miles compared to last year. Day after day.”

Which brings us back to where we started – a grateful, stunned Crosby trying to absorb him into the bowels of a stadium on Lake Erie.

“I just put in so much work,” he said. “To have my teammates, my peers, people, coaches in the league, it’s a dream come true. It’s awesome. Individual awards are cool, but something like that, you think of it like a kid… I just want to show the people there, it’s not just about statistics.

“It’s your impact in the locker room, it’s your impact on the pitch. It affects the game, whatever stats I get. I believe I do it every Sunday and that’s what I get. ‘trying to do. Yeah, that was super special, for sure. “

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Doctors Who Rely On A Commonly Used Lab Test Too Much May Miss Cirrhosis Of The Liver | MUSK Fri, 17 Dec 2021 21:43:36 +0000

A recent study from the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) Digestive Diseases Research Center (DDRCC) explains why doctors should be careful when using a certain liver function test to diagnose alcoholic cirrhosis.

Alcoholic cirrhosis affects about 1 in 400 adults in the United States. It is an advanced form of liver disease, which occurs when chronic use of ethanol causes inflammation and cirrhosis or scarring of the liver. Less than 50% of people diagnosed with advanced liver disease due to cirrhosis survive for a year, so early diagnosis is crucial. Although cirrhosis is not usually a reversible disease, early diagnosis provides an opportunity for doctors to encourage cessation of alcohol use and to offer treatment that can reduce symptoms and increase life expectancy. life.

“The main message here is that if you just watch the test, you will miss the diagnosis. ”

– Dr Don Rockey, Director of DDRCC

A common method of diagnosing patients with alcoholic cirrhosis is to look for high levels of enzymes called aminotransferases in the liver. However, the MUSC study, published in The American Journal of Medical Sciences, found that patients with alcoholic cirrhosis have nearly normal aminotransferase levels. In this study, the results of liver function tests from 78 patients with alcoholic cirrhosis revealed

The study results are important because doctors who rely solely on these tests may not diagnose alcoholic cirrhosis, said the gastroenterologist at MUSC Health and director of DDRCC. Don Rockey, MD, who led the study.

In his own practice, Rockey often observed that his patients with advanced liver disease had normal results on this test.

“We were seeing these patients with advanced disease and complications, but their liver tests looked normal. So if you were just going to look at their liver tests, you’d be like, “Oh, no problem,” but it actually wasn’t, “Rockey said.

Reversibility of fibrosis or scarring of the liver. Originally published in an article in the New England Journal of Medicine, available at ?.

Often, patients can show subtle signs and symptoms in the early stages of alcoholic cirrhosis. However, if doctors only look at the lab results and not the patient, they are going to be “faked,” Rockey said.

“Doctors need to pay attention to the history, to the physical examination, to the whole clinical picture,” he said.

Doctors also need to be aware of the tools available to diagnose cirrhosis, Rockey said. Non-invasive diagnostic tools include cross-sectional imaging, CT scans, MRIs and most importantly the new technique – elastography. Rockey explained that elastography is a simple, non-invasive, and convenient way to assess liver fibrosis and scarring. This test, available at MUSC and other tertiary care centers, can be easily performed in clinics or at the bedside.

Rockey said the next step is to educate as many vendors as possible and get the word out. Although doctors specializing in gastroenterology can understand that these laboratory tests are not always reliable, it is important to disseminate this information to a wide variety of practitioners.

“The main message here is that if you just watch the test you will miss the diagnosis,” he said.


Sullivan MK, Daher HB, Rockey DC. Normal or near normal aminotransferase levels in patients with alcoholic cirrhosis. Am J Med Sci. October 4, 2021: S0002-9629 (21) 00355-4. doi: 10.1016 / j.amjms.2021.09.012. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 34619146.

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Study disentangles genetic and environmental influences on progression of alcohol use disorder to related medical conditions Thu, 16 Dec 2021 12:05:00 +0000

Newswise – A new study has shown that alcohol-related illnesses are caused by environmental and genetic factors, a proportion of which is not shared with the underlying alcohol use disorder (AUD). Medical conditions resulting from alcohol abuse include alcoholic liver disease, pancreatitis, cardiomyopathy, and neuropathy, but not all people with AUD suffer from medical problems related to their alcohol use. The factors that influence the responsibility for alcohol-related medical conditions (AMC) in people with AUD are not fully understood. In a large study published in Alcoholism: clinical and experimental research, researchers from Sweden and the United States quantified the extent to which genetic and environmental factors shared with, versus, AUD contribute to progression to AMC.

The researchers used Swedish medical and criminal records to identify pairs of identical and non-identical twins, siblings and half-siblings, where at least one of the two had documented AUD. Then, they identified which of these individuals had also been diagnosed with one (or more) of the ten AMCs. By studying the correlation of AUD and AMC between pairs of siblings of different genetic kinship and fitting statistical models to the data, the researchers were able to identify the sources of genetic and environmental variance that contribute to the blame. AUC and AMC.

Overall, 3% of women and 9% of men in the birth cohort analyzed had AUD (totaling approximately 86,000 people), and among these, 14% of women and 15% of men had AMC ( around 13,000 people). The proportion of sibling pairs in which both siblings had AUD, or in which both siblings had AMC, generally declined as genetic relatedness declined; this suggests a role of genetic factors in AUD and AMC. Overall, about one-third of the risk of AMC has been found to be genetic, while two-thirds of the risk could be attributed to environmental factors. Of note, most (77%) of the environmental influence on AMC was unique to AMC (rather than shared with that of AUD), as was about 40% of genetic influence.

The results confirm the relevance of genetic factors specific to AMC, highlighting the need for further studies to identify the genes involved and determine how they contribute to the etiology of AMC – potentially through metabolic pathways or physiological responses to them. toxins or damage. The results also highlight the considerable influence of environmental factors specific to CMA, providing an important opportunity for follow-up studies to identify the exposures that distinguish people with AUD who develop versus those who do not. no AMC. Relevant environmental factors, some of which may be modifiable and therefore viable targets for prevention, may include other medical conditions, lack of preventive care, and diet. Additionally, the finding that some genetic and environmental responsibility for AMC is shared with AUD underscores that ongoing efforts to prevent AUD will have an overall positive impact, reducing AMC’s personal and economic toll. as well as the AUD.

The researchers note some limitations. First, the analyzes grouped a wide range of different AMCs into a single AMC result, potentially obscuring important etiologic differences between different body organs affected by heavy alcohol consumption. Second, the risk of AMC is likely to depend at least in part on the level of alcohol consumption, for which data was not available. These factors should be explored in future studies. It is also unclear whether the findings can be generalized to countries without socialized medicine, such as the United States. For example, reduced access to AUD treatment among certain patient groups, such as the socio-economically disadvantaged, could have an impact on AUD / AMC combinations.

Genetic and environmental influences on the progression of alcohol use disorders to alcohol-related medical conditions. Alexis C. Edwards, K. Sundquist, J. Sundquist, KS Kendler, S. Larsson Lönn (pages xxx).


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The 12 best restaurants and bars for non-alcoholic cocktails in Philadelphia Wed, 15 Dec 2021 16:02:09 +0000

When chef Nick Elmi quit drinking alcohol four years ago, he remembers being surprised how often he would ask for a soft drink in a restaurant and only be offered a Coke or a sprite. As a sober hospitality professional, he was disappointed. “If you don’t think of everyone, then you don’t think of anyone,” he said.

Today, the Top Chef winner and owner of Laurel, ITV, Lark and The Landing Kitchen says bar programs in Philadelphia have changed for the better. Whether it’s due to sobriety, pregnancy, health issues, and a number of personal reasons, more and more people are saying “no thanks” to alcohol. And many restaurants and bars have added mocktails – also known as mocktails, NA (non-alcoholic) drinks, zero-proof drinks, and other cute nicknames like “uncocktails” – to their menus.

“We went beyond 10 years ago, when you walked into any bar and the only things they had were orange juice, pineapple juice and cranberry juice. on the [soda] pistol ”, explains Resa Mueller, bartender at R&D at Fishtown and Cocktail Commissioner at Hotel W bar.

The cocktail expert enjoys the challenge of creating great non-alcoholic drinks. It’s hard to replicate the structure, undertones, and silky texture that alcohol can lend to drinks, but she has found a number of alternatives that work. For example, Mueller likes to use fresh fruit juices, homemade syrups, soda in small amounts, tannic teas, glycerin-based bitters, and coconut or oat milk in his NA drinks.

It has also incorporated non-alcoholic spirits – a new segment of the beverage market that has seen explosive growth in recent years – into its beverages. “I really like Ritual, “she says.” They make a zero-proof alcohol called Tequila Alternative that’s made from agave, which is pretty cool, and [one called] Alternative to whiskey. “

Elmi seeks “creativity and balance” in the zero-proof drinks he serves in his restaurants and those he orders when he goes out to dinner. “It’s pretty easy to challenge the bar team to come up with something fun, so people who want to have an NA cocktail don’t feel out of place to ask,” he says. “Whether you’re sober or taking a month or a night off, it’s always nice to be able to have something creative and fun when you eat and drink.”

Here’s where to find some of the best non-alcoholic drinks in the area. Each place on this list features its non-spirited drinks right on the menu – so you don’t have to ask for something special, it’s waiting for you right there.

Considered by many to be one of the best cocktail bars in town, R&D is part of the Suraya, Pizzeria Beddia and Condesa family of restaurants. Bartender Resa Mueller creates new zero-proof cocktails every few months. She says tiki drinks lend themselves to being alcohol-free, thanks to their use of fresh fruit juice and coconut. That’s why you will often find a virgin colada with fresh pineapple, coconut cream and grated nutmeg on the R&D menu. Or a negroni-inspired drink that features alcohol-free spirits from the South African brand Abstinence, and a grapefruit syrup with honey, which adds “viscosity and shine” to give it a real cocktail feeling.

??1206 Frankford Avenue, 215-515-3452,, @rd_philly, 🕑 Mon-Thu 5-10 p.m., Fri-Sat 5 p.m. to midnight

With a menu full of unusual dishes like lamb’s tongue, pig’s head and pig’s blood cannoli, Ember & Ash couldn’t go with a standard “mocktail” or “zero proof cocktail” menu. No, the new East Passyunk restaurant has named its soft drinks “Non-Booze Jawns”. Director of Beverages Kristian Fidrych offers four glasses to be associated with cooking offers focused on wood-fired meat. There’s a watermelon spritz brightened up with turmeric vinegar, a spicy version of a margarita, a sip of berries, but the real draw here is the negroni – it’s made entirely from three homemade alcohol-free spirits. The team creates the bitter flavors we expect from a traditional negroni with herbs, spices, plants, fruit peels and burnt sugar.

??1520 E. Passyunk Ave., 267-606-6775,, @emberandashphl, 🕑 Tue-Thu 5-9 p.m., Fri-Sat 5 pm-10pm

People have been drinking shrubs since the 1600s, but you might not know much about these drinkable vinegars. They combine fresh fruit or juice with sugar and vinegar to form a refreshing, pleasantly tart but sweet drink that makes a great alternative to alcohol. On Head House Square, Bloomsday relies on local, seasonal ingredients for its homemade shrubs using fruit from Pennsylvania farms. The friendly place prepares two NA soft drinks using Three springs fruit, one with a blueberry shrub, tea and thyme, and one with a plum shrub and tea.

??414 S. Second St., 267-319-8018,, @bloomsdaycafe, 🕑 Wed-Fri 4-9 p.m., Sat 10 a.m.-2 p.m. and 5 p.m.-9 p.m., Sun 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

When San Francisco-based cocktail expert Rohini Moradi created the menu for the Solstice bar in Newtown, she focused on a signature ingredient from the alcohol-free collection: aloe juice. Its texture and earthy notes work well as an alcohol substitute in Solstice’s “non-cocktails”, which borrow everything but alcohol from a few of its cocktails – and come with photogenic toppings like mint leaves. golden and candied rosemary.

??2948 S. Eagle Rd., Newtown, 267-755-8994,, @solsticenewtown, 🕑 Mon-Thu 4-9 p.m., Fri-Sat 4-10 p.m., Sun 11 a.m.-3 p.m. and 4 p.m.-10 p.m.

In West Philly, Renata’s alcohol-free menu is almost as long as her cocktail list. Hand-squeezed lemonade is the basis of a few of these refreshing drinks – bartenders then add colorful mixes, like wild blueberries, rose water, and wild mint. If lemonade isn’t your drink of choice, the Mediterranean all-day cafe also offers pomegranate molasses infused soda and a grenadine and cream option.

??3940 Baltimore Ave, 267-275-8254,, @renatas_cuisine, 🕑 Tue-Fri 10 a.m. – 11 p.m., Sat-Sun 9 a.m. – 11 p.m.

In Ardmore, Lola’s Garden takes a page from its hearty cocktail menu to offer five mocktails. Bartenders at this new mainline hotspot use grilled pineapple juice for an alcohol-free version of a popular tequila-based cocktail, with a hint of heat from fresno pepper extract. They also make a drink that changes color using butterfly pea flower and lime juice to add a wow factor to a zero-proof drink. Lola’s offers plenty of outdoor seating and even an outdoor bar, making it a cozy space if you’re not ready to dine inside yet.

??51, chemin Saint-Georges, Ardmore, 484-412-8011,, @lolasgardenardmore, 🕑 Mon-Thu 12 pm-10pm, Fri noon-midnight, Sat 10 am-midnight, Sun 10 am-10pm

The most family-friendly bar in town – you know, the one with the playground – don’t forget the four-legged friends. That’s right: Craft Hall has a menu of dog mocktails. These “dogua frescas” involve fresh fruits and vegetables mixed with coconut water and served in your dog’s water dish. Don’t worry, the Delaware Avenue destination also offers four user-friendly mocktails that focus on fresh fruit purees – and for just $ 6.

??901 N Delaware Ave., 267-297-2072,, @crafthallphilly, 🕑 Wed-Thu 4 pm-10pm, Fri 4 pm-11pm, Sat noon-11pm, Sun noon-10pm

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Zahav has long been a destination for non-drinkers – thanks to its owner, Michael Solomonov, who has been sober for years. With their new restaurant, their group of restaurants has taken an even closer look at alcohol-free libations. Fans of zero-proof drinks praise Laser Wolf’s fruit offerings, with passion fruit, salt beets, tamarind, and sour cherries dotting the menu. Kensington Restaurant has become one of the hardest tables to get, so book early or try to sit at the bar.

??1301 N. Howard Street, 267-499-4660,, @laserwolf_philly, 🕑 Tue-Sat 5 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Since Chef Jen Carroll doesn’t drink alcohol, she made sure to incorporate NA drinks into her Spice Finch bar menu. “We wanted cocktails to be special and accessible to everyone, whether or not you choose to indulge in alcohol… whatever your reason,” she explains. His Rittenhouse restaurant serves what might be the only non-alcoholic shot in town. Feel the Fire Tonic is a zero-proof shot made with freshly squeezed ginger, lemon, turmeric and honey. Throw one in and follow it up with an alcohol-free negroni or a carrot-based concoction called Pretty Gritty.

??220 S. 17th St., 215-309-2238,, @spicefinchphilly, 🕑 Wed-Thu 5-9 p.m., Fri 5-10 p.m., Sat 12 noon-10 p.m., Sun noon-8 p.m.

At Cherry Hill, bar pro Danny Childs is known for sourcing ingredients, fermenting in-house, and making much of the bar menu himself, including zero-proof drinks. Childs is particularly proud of their homemade fermented sodas, which combine “citrus, sweet, bubbly”. In addition to these sodas as well as homemade kombucha, the mocktails feature herbs from the restaurant’s garden and a combination of vinegar-based shrubs.

??1442 Marlton Pike East, Cherry Hill, 856-356-2282, 🌐, @thefarmandfish, 🕑 Tue-Sat 11.30am-8pm

For over three decades, White Dog Cafe has won fans for its local, farm-to-table cuisine. This philosophy is also reflected in the bar menu. The restaurant, which started in University City and now has outposts in Glen Mills, Haverford and Wayne, is looking into the season for its mocktails. That could mean apple cider and caramelized sugar in the fall and peachy mojitos in the summer.

??3420 Sansom Street, 215-386-9224,, @whitedogphilly, 🕑 Mon-Fri 11.30am-9pm, Sat-Sun 10 am-9pm

Always at the forefront of drink culture and distill, Old City’s Art in the Age bases its non-alcoholic drinks around a zero-proof spirit: Hemp and the Pathfinder root. Art in the Age founder Steven Grasse co-founded this hemp-based, avant-garde botanical alcohol-free spirit, which contains notes of fir, sage, juniper, saffron, wormwood and of angelica root. Try it in the Art in the Age Tasting Room in an alcohol-free cocktail created by resident mixologist Lee Noble.

??116 N. Third Street, 215-922-2600,, @artintheage, 🕑 Sun, 12 p.m.-6 p.m., Tue-Thu 12 pm-6pm, Fri-Sat noon-7 p.m.

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Ben Affleck took Twitter very angry by blaming alcoholism on ex-wife Jennifer Garner Wed, 15 Dec 2021 12:16:06 +0000

A look back at Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck. (Image courtesy AFP)

Strong points

  • They got married in 2005
  • Ben and Jennifer Garner divorced in 2015
  • Ben Affleck is currently dating Jennifer Lopez

New Delhi:

Ben Affleck made the headlines and for all the wrong reasons. The 49-year-old actor should have done better than blame his ex-wife and actress Jennifer Garner for his alcoholism. During an appearance on The Howard Stern Show, the actor said he would “still drink” if he was married to Jennifer Garner. He said on the show: “I would probably still be drinking. Part of the reason I started drinking because I was trapped.” Needless to say, Twitter was furious at the actor’s condescending statement about his ex-wife, with whom he had three children, and rightly so. Twitter took the opportunity to teach the actor not to blame his ex-wife for his choices and actions. Here’s what Twitter had to say to the actor:

Before we get to the tweets, here’s another unpleasant statement from the show’s actor: “I was like, ‘I can’t leave because of my kids but I’m not happy, what should I do? What I did was drink a bottle of scotch and fall asleep on the sofa, which turned out not to be the solution, “reported People magazine.

Here is some information for those who need it. the Last duel The star has gone to rehab several times for her alcoholism over the years. The problem started long before he was married to Jennifer Garner. He went to rehab in 2001, 2017 as well as 2018. A Twitter user decided to remind him, just in case. “Just because you’re sober (with the help of your ex-wife) doesn’t mean you can be arrogant. Which you are these days,” one tweet read.

The goodwill hunt The actor married Jennifer Garner in 2005 and the two separated in 2015. They have three children together – Violet, 16, Seraphina, 12, and Samuel, 9.

Similar thoughts echoed in another tweet and a subtle reminder, which read, “Did Ben Affleck throw Jennifer Garner, the mother of his children, under the bus?” Said he felt trapped in his marriage, blaming her for her drinking? And something like, the welfare of her children is the most important thing. Hasn’t he learned anything from all the drug addiction stays? “

Another Twitter user summed up his thoughts on the controversy in one simple line: “I don’t know but Ben Affleck looks like he has something wrong with him.”

“Ben Affleck doesn’t blame JG for your drinking problem. That’s all YOU,” another tweet read.

Twitter didn’t hesitate to involve Jennifer Lopez, Ben’s current (and former ex) girlfriend. “Dear Ben Affleck… one day the word responsibility will mean something to you… Until Jennifer Lopez is a huge red flag,” wrote one Twitter user.

Ben Affleck is currently in a relationship with Jennifer Lopez. the Gigi the co-stars got engaged in 2002. However, it ended in a split two years later. JLo and Ben Affleck were married (and divorced) to Marc Anthony and Jennifer Garner respectively. They also broke with their respective partners this year. JLo was previously dating Alex Rodriguez, while Ben Affleck was with actress Ana de Armas.

The rumors about Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck began when they were spotted on vacation in Montana earlier this year. The couple were also reportedly spotted at JLo’s beach house in Miami. Also, there were reports that the couple were sneaking out kissing in the middle of workouts.

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The Alameda police have immobilized Mario Gonzalez. His death was ruled a homicide but also linked to health and drug use Sat, 11 Dec 2021 01:31:39 +0000 Death of Mario Gonzalez Arenales, a 26-year-old man whose fatal meeting with Alameda police in April became a flashpoint in a national debate, results from “toxic effects of methamphetamine”, combined with “stress physiological “contention. by officers and other underlying conditions, according to the Alameda County coroner.

In an autopsy report released Friday, Chief Medical Examiner Vivian Snyder called Gonzalez’s death a homicide, while citing other factors including methamphetamine abuse, alcoholism and morbid obesity.

The focus on Gonzalez’s drug history infuriated a lawyer representing the late son of the man, who accused the coroner of trying to shield police from scrutiny.

Police Chief Nishant Joshi offered his condolences to Gonzalez’s family in a statement. “I know they are already suffering from the severe trauma of losing a loved one,” Joshi said. “The new information released adds to this pain.”

Officers confronted Gonzalez – whose legal name, in the report, is Mario Gonzalez Arenales – in a small park on the morning of April 19, after receiving two calls, the first from a neighborhood resident who said a man mumbled to himself outside the forehead. door of his house. The second caller testified that Gonzalez was lingering in Scout Park at the corner of Oak and Powell streets with what the appellant suspected were stolen liquor bottles.

Alameda officer Eric McKinley spoke to Gonzalez for nine minutes before he and two other officers attempted to stop him, with the help of a civilian parking attendant. Body camera footage shows police restraining Gonzalez for five minutes, at which time he went limp.

Paramedics rushed him to Alameda hospital, where he arrived in cardiac arrest, without breathing or a pulse, according to the report. Doctors declared Gonzalez dead at 11:45 a.m., according to the autopsy report.

In their first public statements, Alameda police described Gonzalez’s death as a “medical emergency.” Grieving family members have called on George Floyd, the Minneapolis man whose murder by a former police officer sparked a nationwide toll on police violence against people of color. Four days after the incident, city officials hired Louise Renne of the Renne Public Law Group in San Francisco to launch an independent investigation.

In addition, the police department is conducting an internal investigation into the altercation and the district attorney is reviewing the case to determine whether criminal charges should be laid.

Family members said Gonzalez had no known health issues and have previously claimed he did not die of medical complications.

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