Church Holds Conversation About Substance Use

BRIDGEPORT, WV — All Saints Catholic Church held its 10th community conversation on the topic of substance use disorder Monday night.

The primary focus of this event was treatment, recovery, and available resources for substance use.

The event brought together 15 vendors who showcased new ways to fight fentanyl and other abused substances. Several guest speakers spoke about addiction and the things that are available to help those in need.

“We need to talk about [Fentanyl]talk about what he looks like, how he gets on the streets of Clarksburg and Bridgeport,” said William Ihenfeld, U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of W.Va. can tell their friends and neighbors about it and try to keep everyone safe.

The event showed the community new treatments and services that are now available for the public to use in the fight against addiction.

“This is about saving lives, we have one of our resource tables is a NARCAN table where people can come and learn how to use a NARCAN and take a NARCAN kit home,” said Nurse Ellen Condron. Parish at All Saints Catholic Church.

The last time All Saints Catholic Church held a community conversation was in 2019.

To read more and learn about upcoming events at All Saints Catholic Church, click here.

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