Cincinnati man rides his bike across America to raise awareness about drug addiction

CINCINNATI (WXIX) – A man from Cincinnati has almost finished his bike ride across America to raise awareness about drug addiction.

The ride is not only a unique way of seeing the country and exercising for 64-year-old Scott Bowers, but it also has a purpose.

Bowers raises funds for the Youth Resilience Adventure and Ministries of the Lord of the Gymnasium.

Lord’s Gym Ministries is a faith-based group serving youth in the greater Cincinnati area who may be struggling with drugs, other forms of addiction, homelessness, and more.

Bowers has worked with the ministry for 20 years now.

“We didn’t see anything [20 years ago] treating drug addiction among young people, so that’s the genesis of this idea, ”Bowers explained. “Especially something that affects families, one in four in the United States and I wouldn’t be surprised if it crosses our borders.”

Bowers says he has a personal connection to drug addiction.

“Like a lot of families, it was personal in my family,” Bowers said. “My father was an alcoholic and growing up that was a problem. I think that was the source of my concern in this area.

Bowers says he has met so many people on his journey who have shared their own stories of how addiction has affected their lives in different ways.

He hopes this hike will somehow make a difference for those battling the disease.

It’s been a tough race for the past two months between issues with his bike, battling the weather and roads, and adjusting to the strain on his body.

However, Bowers doesn’t let anything stop him from raising awareness about drug addiction.

It started on May 3 in Yorktown, Va., And will end in Astoria, Oregon, later this week.

The 4,300-mile journey crossed nearly a dozen states and lasted about 11 weeks.

Usually Bowers camps every night, but once a week he indulges himself in a real bed and air conditioning.

“I scheduled once a week off a day to stay at the hotel, just recover and recuperate after a long week of riding,” Bowers explains. “If you average 60 miles a day, that will easily put you in the 300+ class, because 60 is just an average. I did 80 the other day.

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