Cyberabad Police launch anti-drug committees in schools and colleges

Drug addiction committees were launched on Thursday by Cyberabad police in all 148 schools and colleges in Madhapur area with the aim of achieving a “drug-free campus”.

Police Commissioner Mr Stephen Raveendra said the state government is committed to eradicating the menace of drugs and as part of this it has launched several awareness campaigns on the harmful effects of drugs .

“We are determined to fight illicit drugs and determined to step up the fight,” he said, adding that anti-drug committees with different stakeholders had been formed to eradicate the menace.

After the launch, Raveendra said educational institutions must ensure their responsibility to proactively address substance abuse issues and should have a “drug-free campus” policy.

“Drug addiction disrupts the educational process and impairs the academic and professional endeavors of students, harasses the community and endangers the future of the nation,” he said.

“The purpose of these committees is to positively engage students and encourage peer policing among students against drug use and network so that all cases of drug abuse are brought to his attention,” he added.

Later, DCP (Madhapur Zone) K. Shilpavalli said that drug addiction had far-reaching implications. “If we look at a broader level, there are bigger networks and these will lead to crimes like terrorism and arms smuggling,” she said.

For any information regarding drugs, the police have asked the general public to contact them on 9492099100 Anti-Drugs Abuse 24×7.

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