Demand for addiction services in the Midwest nearly doubled in 2020

Demand for drug addiction services in the Midwest has “never been higher,” according to the Ana Liffey Drug Project.

Since 2012, the association’s team in the Midwest region has worked with an average of 250 people per year.

However, in the past 12 months, 490 people have needed addiction support, the association’s chief executive, Tony Duffin, said.

The increase in crack cocaine use in Dublin and the Midwest was a “significant problem”, as was “polyuse” – the use of more than one drug in a session.

Polyconsumption was a “major concern” for Ana Liffey’s job, said Rachel O’Donoghue, team leader of Ana Liffey’s Midwestern team.

Crack pipes

Data showed that last year Ana Liffey, who releases her annual report for 2020 on Monday, supplied 2,550 crack pipes in the Midwest, mostly in downtown Limerick.

“We have already seen an increase in the number of people coming to us, and it is unclear what more the consequences of the pandemic will bring in terms of drug trends and the number of people coming for treatment,” he said. Ms. O’Donoghue said.

The charity was “constantly on the streets throughout 2020” and maintained its frontline presence in the Midwest throughout the Covid-19 pandemic by providing face-to-face support for Covid-19 and a addiction support.

The face-to-face interventions, carried out while respecting the security measures of Covid-19, “have contributed significantly to reducing the impact of Covid-19 and the damage related to the drug,” said Dr Eamon Keenan, National Clinical Manager of the Health Service Executive in Addiction Services.

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