Dispute over alcoholism: In his native village of Satoj, Bhagwant Mann finds comfort and support from “his men”

ONCE AGAIN, Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann is at the heart of controversy over his alcoholism. Earlier, in January 2019, he had to make a vow in the presence of his mother at a public rally that he would give up drinking. AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal was also present at the rally in Sangrur.

While the opposition has spared no effort to challenge the CM for its “alcoholic past and present”, in Mann’s home village of Satoj in Sangrur district, villagers have always supported their “own son”.

Charna Singh, village sarpanch said, “Sanu ki pata flight vich ki Hoya? Virodhi dhir kol hor koi mudda nahi (we don’t know what happened during the robbery, the opposition has no other issue to address, so they are taking care of it now. People always like to put their nose in someone else’s personal life. Interestingly, Charana was a congressional sarpanch when he won in December 2018. He added, “I don’t judge anyone for their personal life.

Gagandeep Satoj, another villager, said, “Our village hardly faced a power cut this time and our diesel expenses were saved. The CM does so much for us. He put so many people to work in the first six months of his government. In short, we are happy. Why then should we focus on these controversies?

He added: “Who knows what happened during the flight. The airlines said the delay was due to an inbound flight. Why does the opposition need to make up stories and people The people of Punjab know Bhagwant Mann well.
He said: “Otherwise the airlines also serve alcohol. There are so many liquor sales in Punjab and people enjoy their drinks in the evening. Enna mudda kyon banaya hai.. (why is a problem made of this)? »

Chamkaur Singh Satoj, a social science teacher from the village, said, “If such a thing really happened, then it’s bad. Because he’s the CM but I don’t think any of that happened. Kamm di judgment Karo..na ke di personal life (make judgment on works and not on personal life.)”

He added that Maharaja Ranjit Singh was a drinker and even had many queens but we remember him for his governance, bravery and social works for the masses. “On the other hand, Aurangzeb had a lot of good habits in his personal life, but we always remember him for his cruelty… So we should judge Mann for his works,” he said.

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