DrivSim Lab professors present original research at the Alcoholism Research Society’s Annual Scientific Meeting

Professors of the DrivSim Lab, Drs. Barbara Banz and Federico Vaca presented their original research at the Joint Conference of the 44th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Society for Research on Alcoholism (RSA) with the Congress of the International Society for Biomedical Research on Alcoholism (ISBRA) .

Dr Babara Banz presented a DrivSim Lab research study (Abstract 463) titled “A preliminary examination of the relationship between early drinking habits and vehicle control measures in simulated driving in sober young adults. “The results of the study show that ‘vehicle control is linked to driving kinematics which is, in turn, linked to risky driving in the real world.” Further, the study, “.. . the results suggest that even while sober, alcohol initiation at a younger age is associated with vehicle control measures that underlie risky driving behaviors, increasing crash risk. ” “These results underscore the need to broaden our understanding of the relationship between alcohol consumption in young people and sober driving behaviors and crash risk.”

Dr Federico Vaca presented an NIH-funded DrivSim Lab collaborative study (Abstract 690) titled “A qualitative assessment of individual and socio-environmental factors informing the decision to drive impaired and ride with an impaired driver.“The results of this qualitative study by in-depth interviews with young adults (average age of 26 and longitudinal follow-up since grade 10), revealed that in the context where they might consider driving after drinking,” they report having confidence. in their ability to assess their impairment and that of other drivers (they can drive with it)… ”Further, additional results suggest that“ deciding to drive impaired may be related to the need for easy access later / immediate to one’s own vehicle and riding with an impaired driver tends to occur in a context of close social relationships. The study ends by stating that “pragmatic considerations to address this could include improving public transport safety and expanding carpooling programs.

These two abstracts are published in the journal, Alcoholism: clinical and experimental research.

Submitted by Justin Laing on July 02, 2021

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