Drug addiction: restrictions on overnight parking of private buses in Kozhikode

Noting the growing number of complaints against the alleged misuse of parked buses as safe havens for drug addiction, the Kuruvattur grama panchayat restricted the entry of private buses to a local bus stop under its control at Parambil Bazaar after hours. authorized services. No overnight parking will be allowed at the bus stop as part of a collective decision approved by the panchayat.

“The official order was issued by the panchayat secretary based on our recommendation. We have also sought the support of the police to strictly enforce it, as complaints against bus workers have increased,” the official said. Panchayat Chairman A. Saritha also clarified that there would be no review of the decision despite protests from some of the bus operators.

Ignoring the panchayat’s decision, bus operators resorted to a lightning strike on Saturday. According to them, the order was intended to put all operators in a bad light. They also claimed there were no incidents of substance abuse on the parked buses, as claimed by the local body.

Meanwhile, panchayat members who had demanded tough action against violators said the decision was made after residents approached the local body seeking a permanent solution to the problem. They also said there was no favorable response from operators to the call for corrective action.

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