East Lansing to spend marijuana tax revenue on salvage resources

LANSING, Mich. (WILX) – Money from marijuana purchases will now help pay for addiction-related resources.

East Lansing City Council has passed a resolution that would allocate a portion of the recreational marijuana taxes to provide resources for those struggling with drug addiction.

East Lansing Mayor Aaron Stephens said: “It’s just easier to take a humanitarian approach to say if someone needs help, give them help.”

Mayor Stephens said city council had established a fund that would cover addiction counseling and drug testing for people on the city’s regular probation service.

Corey Warren, president of the Rise Recovery community, said finances are one of the biggest hurdles for people with addictions.

Warren said, “There are a lot of people who can’t access the counseling or get the help they need because they are limited by their finances. Opening something like this could be of great benefit to these people as it creates a small obstacle at the moment. “

Mayor Stephens said approximately $ 14,000 has been made available to those in need. The implementation of this subsidy program will eliminate the need to overcome barriers at the state or federal level.

“You’ll end up paying for the drug test, or the breathalyzer, or you’ll pay for the counseling, right?” It could all be out of pocket and for some people it is fine and for others it may not be, “said Mayor Stephens. “So really letting it be free and saying, ‘if you think this person needs it, go ahead,’ I think that’s the best way to approach it because then we don’t impose not that restriction and we say ‘oh you have to meet that requirement and then you have to submit 30 documents to dictate why you are doing it.’

Currently, there are only two marijuana retailers in East Lansing, but the city expects that number to grow, increasing revenue as well. The city council is working with the court system and the probation service to work out the details of the resolution. East Lansing also has a Drug Treatment Court that helps people in the system receive help in their recovery from drug addiction.

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