Electronic musician Moby talks about his life

Musician and New York native Moby is outspoken in the eponymous new documentary which he also wrote. He explained to NY1 the motivation behind writing the script itself.

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  • Moby thought his most successful album, “Play”, would be his last as he battled alcoholism, drug addiction and depression.
  • He remembered his youth and said being poor was something that followed him
  • Moby released a new album, “Reprise”, the same day his eponymous documentary hit theaters.

“On the one hand, it’s sharing my experience, my strength and my hope like it’s a long qualifying,” said Moby. “About 12 years ago I decided to get sober. I started going to 12 step meetings, you know, sitting in a basement somewhere in Lower Manhattan. Hearing people tell their stories was so powerful, so I thought I was going to almost take that idea or that philosophy and try to make a documentary around it.

Moby became a huge hit with his fifth album “Play”, released in 1999. It would become the best-selling electronic album of all time with 12 million copies sold.

“I never thought I would have something that looks like a career as a musician,” he said. “Like, I didn’t even see him as being in the realm of the possible.”

But success didn’t change Moby’s life, saying, “I was battling alcoholism, drug addiction, panic attacks, depression, and I thought ‘Play’ was going to be my last album and then it didn’t. ‘has stopped putting on weight. It certainly didn’t do much to decrease my addiction and narcissism.

The documentary “Moby” delves into the education of the musician with his mother. Moby grew up in Harlem and then moved to Darien, Connecticut, one of the wealthiest communities in the United States. Memories of being poor in a wealthy community stuck with him.

“My mom and I were on food stamps,” Moby recalls. “And I just assumed everyone in the world was stable and relatively wealthy, and we were poor. If you spend the first 18 years of your life training yourself, it’s pretty hard to deform yourself. “

Today, Moby continues to move forward with a new album coming out the same day as his documentary. The album is an orchestral arrangement of his greatest hits. Moby’s musical career has allowed him to shed light on an issue close to his heart: animal rights. As a vegan, Moby said he didn’t want to inflict pain or suffering on innocent beings. But his passion runs much deeper.

“What I’m talking about is the animal farming monster and how, besides killing animals and destroying animals, it destroys us as well,” Moby said. “I almost wish we saw its role in pandemics and tropical forests, deforestation and climate change in human health and antibiotic resistance over and over again. “

The documentary “Moby” is showing in theaters. His new album “Reprise” is streaming.

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