FIRST LOOK: VA Tampa Mental Health Clinic and Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility

The VA’s new integrated mental health clinic in Tampa, Florida consolidates all behavioral health services provided by the agency into one warm, private, and peaceful clinic. The two-story, 144,000-square-foot facility includes an addiction rehabilitation and recovery center, a 60-bed inpatient mental health rehabilitation center and a residential treatment program for homeless veterans.

Rooted in trauma-informed care, which includes reducing and removing known unwanted stimuli and environmental stresses, actively engaging individuals in a dynamic, multi-sensory environment, supporting autonomy, providing and promoting of connection to the natural world, the design by Leo A Daly (Atlanta) aims to give veterans a sense of dignity, personal choice and security on their journey to recovery.

The clinic is organized around the integration of interdisciplinary services, with key adjacencies facilitating the transition between inpatient and outpatient programs. The non-institutional environment is improved by placing security in the center of the building, rather than at the entrances, with visibility to the main clinical areas.

The building organizes two hospital wings on the first floor around a central support core. The Transitional Housing Program occupies the West Wing, where a private entrance maintains the dignity and privacy of Veterans.

Psychosocial rehabilitation and recovery is located on the east side to provide access to outdoor spaces. Care for veterans with substance use disorders is at the center, where dual diagnosis patients have access to services on the wings, in addition to computer education, multi-purpose rooms and d other teaching rooms.

The second floor combines outpatient mental health, PTSD, suicide prevention and psychology functions, with interdisciplinary teams providing holistic care.

Interior finishes that reflect nature such as wood or biophilic patterns, abundant daylight and programmatic connections to the exterior provide calming interactions with nature. Common spaces focus on regenerating social skills.

Project details:

Facility Name: VA Tampa Mental Health Clinic and Inpatient Rehab Facility

Location: Tampa, Florida.

Expected completion date: Fall 2023

Owner: Cullinan Properties Ltd.

Lease: GSA|VA

Total building area: 144,000 square feet

Total construction cost: $60 million

Cost/m² ft. : N / A

Architecture firm: Leo A Daly

Interior designer: Leo A Daly

General contractor: Hoar Construction

Engineering: Leo A Daly, Prosser Inc. (civil)

Manufacturer: Hoar Construction

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