Florida Capitol riots suspect convicted on federal gun charges

Adam Honeycutt, 39, has been charged with illegally possessing firearms due to his habit of smoking weed. He pleaded guilty to that charge in June.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla – An Orange Park man charged in the Captiol riot in Washington DC in January was sentenced Wednesday on federal weapons charges.

Adam Honeycutt, 39, was sentenced to 18 months in prison, after which he will be granted supervised release for a year. He will also have to go through a drug addiction program and adhere to random drug tests, a judge ordered in a federal courtroom in Jacksonville on Wednesday morning.

Honeycutt has been charged with illegally possessing firearms due to his weed-smoking habit. He pleaded guilty to that charge in June.

His riot-related charges, including knowingly breaking into a small building and violently entering and disorderly conduct on Capitol Hill grounds, are still pending in Washington.

The gun indictment says FBI agents found four handguns, three rifles and 5,000 rounds at his home while they were there to arrest him for an offense involving the riot. He also said he had smoked weed since he was a child and that the marijuana found in his home’s garage was his own, prosecutors said.

The indictment cited a federal law prohibiting the possession of a firearm by anyone who “is an illegal user or addicted to any controlled substance” whether the weapon crosses state or national borders or is related to interstate or foreign commerce.

The charge carried a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison. He asked the judge to be lenient, as he has been in prison since his arrest in February and wants to return home with his wife and children.

The maximum sentences for riot-related charges total 18 months. A policeman and four civilians were killed in chaos when supporters of former President Donald Trump entered the Capitol building as Congress was in the process of certifying the results of the 2020 presidential election. Since then, three police officers died by suicide.

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