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GREEN BAY, Wisconsin (WFRV) – Homelessness has no face, but it’s important to remember that it can affect anyone, anytime.

Meghan and Chris Sandri and two success stories from Green Bay. They met at the “NEW Community Shelter” after each facing their battles with alcoholism.

Meghan Sandri said: “After going through rehab and rehab I was able to come here and that’s how I met Chris.”

Chris and Meghan were on their way home as a couple when Meghan’s daughter’s life situation suddenly became unstable and she had to take her daughter to a family shelter.

“I was able to call ‘House of Hope’ at 1am and they said we had a bed for you and your daughter,” Meghan said.

Meghan and Chris have just married after taking charge of their lives and finding a job, housing and even a car for the family.

Success stories like these are made possible through the collaborative efforts of five Green Bay shelters, who have cemented their bonds with each other with the “Look Homelessness in the Eye” program. Let’s face it together ‘.

Jessica Diederich, President of Freedom House, explained: “The idea is that we want to raise awareness in the community about the homeless population that we have here and also open people’s eyes to the fact that it can be. not be exactly who you imagine to be homeless. person to be.

The campaign brings together the ministries of Freedom House, Golden House, House of Hope, New Community Shelter and St. John’s Ministries to help people determine which shelter is best for their situation.

Most importantly, advocates want you to know there is help, you just can’t be afraid to ask.

“Things have gotten better and no matter what anyone says, no matter what everyone else thinks it’s always best to ask for help,” said Chris Sandri.

If you need services for the homeless, you can visit Shelter GB website to learn more about each organization and decide which one is right for you.

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