Gwen orders Pescador Island rehabilitated

Gwendolyn Garcia, Governor of Cebu. (File photo)

Arvie N. Veloso, Tito P. Tan

February 05, 2022

CEBU Governor Gwendolyn Garcia has ordered the rehabilitation of Pescador Island in the town of Moalboal, southwest of Cebu, after it was damaged by Typhoon Odette (Rai).

The municipal government of Moalboal had previously ordered the island to be temporarily closed for three months and a ban on tourism-related activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling and island hopping, but Garcia wanted that it be rehabilitated immediately so that it can resume its activities and provide jobs to the inhabitants.

The provincial government of Cebu, in conjunction with Moalboal and other government agencies, would begin rehabilitating the island on February 26, 2022.

Garcia said divers can also help by replanting damaged corals and assembling pieces of broken coral reef on a nursery table.

“Sa una nga just to watch unya now they will do their part aron mahibalik ang kaanindot sa island (Before they only saw underwater attractions but now they (divers) will do their part to bring back the beauty of the island),” according to Garcia in a report published in Sugbo News, the province’s official news portal.

According to the Capitol, based on its initial inspection of the site, there is a high possibility that the island will recover after being damaged by the typhoon, as the type of fish favored by tourists, such as damselfish , always stays inside. The area.

Tourism-related activities in the area like diving and snorkeling, however, will remain even before rehabilitation begins on February 26.

The town of Moalboal is one of the best reef dive sites in the Visayas and the local government unit is currently working to resume tourism related activities on February 10.


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