Hackney receives £ 1million to fight drug addiction effects

Hackney’s health boss, Cllr Chris Kennedy, has welcomed the increased funding. Photography: Hackney’s Advice

Hackney Council is set to spend £ 1million to tackle the effects of substance abuse, thanks to a government program aimed at reducing the number of drug-related deaths in the UK.

The district is one of the eight pilot zones selected by the ADDER project of the Ministry of the Interior (Addiction, Diversion, Disruption, Enforcement and Recovery).

The initiative has a budget of £ 80million for a ‘comprehensive systems approach’ to reduce the societal and personal harm inflicted by drug use.

The town hall will now bring together charities and agencies to provide support, education and release from addiction to drug users.

Hackney Chief Health Officer Cllr Chris Kennedy said: “We warmly welcome this increased funding to help us tackle drug-related deaths and reduce the harm caused by supply and use. drugs in our community.

“This funding will help us support people in addiction treatment and recovery programs, targeting one of the main issues of antisocial behavior at the local level.

“The program means that we can make a real difference in the lives of those who are victims of the effects of drugs in our community. “

The council will work with neighboring Tower Hamlets and local police, who have both received similar funding, to reduce drug offenses and disrupt the drug market.

The ADDER project was created following an independent study which found that the number of drug-related deaths in the UK is higher than ever, with three million users contributing to a market worth of £ 10 billion a year.

The financial boost is the largest increase in funding for drug treatment in 15 years.

Last year the government invested £ 23million in support for drug abuse for the homeless, and this has been supplemented by £ 52million this year.

Other regions receiving funding similar to Hackney are Blackpool, Hastings, Middlesbrough, Norwich, Newcastle, Swansea Bay, Bristol, Wakefield, Liverpool, Knowsley and the Wirral.

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