High school for students struggling with drug addiction moves to larger building | Local education

“If we have kids who come to school with poor hygiene because they’re depressed, we can wash their clothes,” Goll said. “So we’re going to do a much better job of meeting the needs of our students.”

In commemoration of its 100th anniversary, CG Schmidt Construction, which has an office in Madison, donated the $ 75,000 to $ 100,000 for the space renovation, Goll said. This giveaway led other companies to donate items such as furniture, plumbing, drywall, signs, awning and paint, she said.

Zach Lohman, Special Education Assistant at Horizon High School, arranges laptops in the new school location.


Horizon held a groundbreaking ceremony on May 20 at its new location and moved into the furnishings and unboxing. Students will start using it when the summer school starts on June 7th.

‘So broken’

Horizon is a private, non-profit high school that promotes the emotional, social, and academic growth of students who wish to learn in an alcohol and drug-free environment. Part of the school’s mission is to teach them practical skills.

“These kids walk through our broken doors, feeling like the biggest failure,” Goll said. “We can show them that we see you, that your life is important. … The magic happens. It’s incredible.”

The school was opened in 2005 when Shelly Dutch, owner of Connections Counseling, and five parents – two of whom were educators – came together because some of their children were in the middle or had experienced crises, said John Fournelle, chairman of the board and a school founder.

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