IDOT provides update on Memorial Bridge rehabilitation project

QUINCY (WFEM) – Engineers at IDOT say that about three months after the start of the $ 7.25 million Memorial Bridge rehabilitation project, they are making good progress.

“Right now the teams are focused on removing the wearing surface of the bridge, the plan is to install a new one with a waterproofing membrane,” said Andy Schoonover, District Construction Field Engineer. Six. “If you look at the surface, we’re about two-thirds of the way above the surface.”

In addition, he said crews are also working on replacing expansion joints and re-painting the bridge.

Schoonover said the job was going well, even with all the rain the area has been getting lately.

“The continued rain slows things down a bit, it makes the paint job very difficult,” he said. “Kidnappings and things like that, they can go on when it’s wet.”

Schoonover said they plan to reopen the Memorial Bridge by November 30 and the West Quincy businesses said that was great news as it was just in time for Christmas shopping season, the one of their busiest times of the year.

West Quincy Pawn Shop manager James Miller said the current traffic pattern is causing them problems as well.

“Our workers here, we found out here that it’s kind of a problem crossing just because of the factories here in West Quincy and the factories over there are all liberated at the same time, just trying to get through all that traffic,” he said.

Miller said traffic patterns can be problematic even when there are no incidents that stop the traffic.

“You certainly don’t want to have a 5:30 pm appointment to arrive on time,” he said.

Schoonover said he knew this was not an ideal situation and urged people to slow down and be patient until the end of labor.

“I realize it’s a bit of a delay, but when we open the bridge we’ll have a lot better flowing traffic for people to come in and out of town,” he said.

IDOT officials said they are currently reviewing long-term plans to replace the Quincy Memorial Bridge and will seek comments at a public meeting later this year.

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