Irish charity Rehab Group targeted by cyberattack

Rehab Group said it deployed all of its resources to bring the affected systems back online and the attack appears to be “contained”.

Disability service provider Rehab Group suffered a cyberattack that targeted some of its systems.

The Dublin-based charity said it informed the Data Protection Commission of the attack and was working with cybersecurity experts to bring its systems back online.

Rehab Group added that there is currently no evidence that any data was accessed or any financial loss occurred as a result.

“The matter is now under control, with forensic investigative work ongoing and continuing through the weekend,” Rehab Group said in a March 16 statement. “The people who use, work and live in our services are our number one priority.

“To date, there have been no disruptions to services and we will work to ensure this remains the case,” the charity added.

In response to the cyberattack, Rehab Group said it contacted the Garda National Cyber ​​Crime Bureau and the National Cyber ​​Security Center to help bring its compromised systems back online. The charity also informed the HSE, its regulators and ‘other stakeholders’ of the attack.

Rehab Group said it provides services to more than 10,000 people with disabilities each year and has more than 2,900 employees.

Cybercrime on the rise

Cyberattacks have become a more common occurrence over the past two years. Some of the major cyberattacks that have rocked the world recently include the HSE ransomware attack in Ireland, the attack on the world’s largest meat producer, the cyberattack on a major US gas pipeline, and most recently the wave of cyberattacks that hit Ukraine.

Last May’s HSE cyberattack was called the most severe cyberattack to ever hit critical state infrastructure. IT systems were shut down, meaning hospitals and other HSE departments were left without access to electronic health records, causing significant disruption.

It took more than a month for the HSE to bring 70% of its devices back online following the major ransomware attack. The HSE is expected to start notifying thousands of people whose data has been compromised in the coming weeks, the Business Post reported.

SonicWall’s latest Cyber ​​Threat Report highlights the variety of threats that have reached unprecedented levels in 2021, with ransomware attacks up 105% and encrypted threats up 167%.

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