Ironwood man publishes books on life as a recovering alcoholic

IRONWOOD, Mich. (WLUC) – For the past 35 years, Bob Nylund’s family and friends have told him to write an interesting book about his life to overcome his alcohol addiction.

It took until the age of 93, some advice from a “guy in a cafe” and a boring winter for the Ironwood native to start writing.

Her first book only took her 3 weeks to write.

After reading his book, Bob’s daughter, Greta, encouraged him to write more. He now has 3 books published; Life of an alcoholic and a recovering golfer, Reflections, and Two souls lost and found.

Bob has been sober for 40 years now, and he hopes the books will encourage those who are struggling.

“Recovery is possible regardless of your state of health.” Nylund said. “You just have to find your background, as I finished the book. The answer is substance, and I’m glad I found mine.

Bob retired at age 91, spending most of his career as a lumber seller. Now he still works as a salesperson… selling over 800 copies of his own books.

Books are available on Amazon for $ 7.95. They are also available in some small Ironwood stores.

Bob is a big fan of golf – in fact, he played 1000 hole golf at the age of 86. He still plays golf today.

Bob says his friends call him Ol ‘Grateful Bob. He lives by the saying “If you are thankful for being sober, how can you have a drink?”

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