Janice David’s friends say she was robbed of the chance to overcome addiction

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) – After a horrific murder, friends of Janice David say she was taking the right steps to get help, but her murder took her away.

“He didn’t have to do my friend like that, she was still a person and she still mattered. Like she still mattered,” says Ravean Duncan. Duncan and Skylor Hansford try to figure out what happened to their friend, Janice David. “But to fix stuff like that, you don’t give up on people. Always be there, people matter. People matter,” adds Duncan.

Early Lee Johnson Jr. posted a video on social media that police said when it was released of him beating, choking and stabbing Janice. The two were reportedly on a drug binge for several days. “You must have abandoned her as a human being, seeing her as a human being with a problem that you have…and left her like that, like her life was nothing,” Duncan says.

Janice’s friends were aware of her struggle with addiction, but they never gave up on her, believing there was still time for Janice to turn her life around. “We both just took him to enroll in a course as a parole and probation office. It hadn’t been two weeks since we had done it. She was supposed to be in class this week, she never got there,” Duncan explains.

The man accused of gruesomely killing a woman and broadcasting it on Facebook Live was released from prison just weeks before the attack.

Tonja Myles, Certified Peer Support Specialist, says she tried to help Janice during the year with her addiction: “Yeah, one thing I remember about her was always her smile. Always wanting get out of this life, I know that feeling. Myles says it’s important to remember that there’s always time to go back, no matter how long you’ve been using. “She lost her life in this horrible way She was basically deprived of seeing the recovery part of what overcoming addiction looked like,” says Myles.

Myles, every type of user needs love and support to get through the recovery process. “I don’t care if we have to try 1,000 times to get help, we’ll keep trying. You’re still a human being like us, man,” Duncan said.

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For 15 minutes, the gruesome death of a Baton Rouge woman in a parking lot was broadcast live on Instagram by her suspected killer before social media deleted the feed.

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