John Mulaney confirms, talks about rehabilitation and divorce

After months of rumors, John Mulaney has confirmed that he and actress Olivia Munn are together – and that they are going to be parents.

“In the spring I went to Los Angeles, met and started dating a wonderful woman named Olivia – Olivia Munn,” Mulaney, 39, said Tuesday night on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” . “And we’re going to have a baby together.… I’m going to be a dad. We’re both really, really happy.”

This will be the first child of Mulaney and Munn, 39. The actress was previously a couple with Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers before the couple went their separate ways in 2017.

Mulaney has been going through a “difficult time,” he told Meyers, a longtime friend. Reports emerged in May that Mulaney and his wife Anna Marie Tendler were in the process of divorce after six years of marriage. The split came after the comedian, who has spoken openly about his past struggles with alcohol and drug addiction, signed up for rehab in September. He left rehab the following month and left the house he shared with his “ex-wife” shortly before hosting the Halloween episode of “Saturday Night Live,” Mulaney recapped.

“I relapsed after that,” he told Meyers. “Then I continued to use drugs, you and other friends organized a response, if you remember. ”

Seth Meyers in the March 24 episode "Late night with Seth Meyers."

Mulaney returned to rehab and stayed for two months. He came out in February and stayed sober for a month and a half before heading to Los Angeles, where he met Munn again – the two first met at Meyers’ wedding to Alexi Ashe in 2013 (” so it’s good that something good came out of the marriage, “Mulaney joked).

“She went out with me right out of recovery, that’s what they call a reverse take,” Mulaney said of Munn. “But it’s a very, very lucky thing to have met this woman.… I got into this relationship which was really beautiful and with someone amazing who dealt with the un-coked version of me. was very amazing and she was kind to have held my hand through this hell. ”

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Mulaney has spoken of his past drug addiction before – according to his 2019 profile in Esquire, he started drinking alcohol at age 13.

“I drank to get attention,” he told the magazine. “I was really outgoing, and then at twelve, I wasn’t. I didn’t know how to act. And then I was drinking, and I was hilarious again.

He added: “I never liked smoking weed. Then I tried cocaine and loved it. I was not a good athlete, so maybe he was a young man. of “This is the physical feat I can do. Three Vicodins and a tequila and I’m still up. Who is the athlete now? ‘”

Mulaney added that he quit using drugs and alcohol in 2005, at the age of 23, without resorting to a recovery program.

“I went on a bender this weekend that was just, like, disappearing from a movie,” he said. “I was like, ‘You’re (expletive) out of control.’ And I was like, “I don’t like this guy anymore. I don’t encourage him. “”

Mulaney also joked about her past problems with alcohol in standing routines. He is currently on tour with a new stand-up show, titled “John Mulaney: From Scratch”.

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