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Two important bills drafted by the state to help those recovering from drug addiction problems and their families received unanimous approval in the State House and Senate and were enacted by Governor Tom Wolf.

One of these new laws, introduced by state officials Eric R. Nelson, Westmoreland County R-57, and Mercer County D-7 Mark Longietti, is aimed at protecting the safety of those who decide to leave drug treatment facilities against medical risks. guidance by requiring these facilities to immediately notify a family or approved contact person if a person in treatment leaves the facility.

Previously, facilities were not required to make this notification.

“The person is often picked up by their dealer or facilitator when the family thinks they are still safe,” Nelson wrote in a note to fellow lawmakers.

“This reporting gap has resulted in overdose deaths and young women who have also been victimized and lured into prostitution. It is not too dramatic to say that this is a matter of life and death.

Another bill, introduced by Carbon County R-122 State Representative Doyle Heffley, provides similar notification to a family or approved contact person if a loved one is evicted from a home in recovery or establishment due to relapse or similar problem.

“For many, this could be what makes the difference between life and death – family and loved ones knowing this person is out of recovery,” Heffley wrote.

Both bills passed by a 201-0 vote on April 20 in the State House, by a 50-0 vote in the State Senate, and were enacted by the governor on June 30.

It’s refreshing to see this kind of unmistakable bipartisan support on the State Capitol for those who are making their way through the difficult process of recovery from addiction.

For more information on these and related issues, visit the Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs website at

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