Kane County Substance Abuse Treatment Initiative

Over two years ago, Kane County Sheriff Ron Hain announced an innovative idea to help people in the community struggling with drug addiction.

The plan calls for leasing 25,000 square feet of space in the sheriff’s compound to a drug treatment provider. The private entity would then transform two floors above the county jail into a 60- to 70-bed inpatient drug treatment center.

After working to adjust county zoning ordinances and state law to allow for a treatment facility in the complex, the county is now seeking proposals from qualified suppliers.

We have already said that. Drug addiction is a big problem in our suburbs. Treatment should be widely available here.

Hain understands it.

“When I was a patrol deputy here,” he said, “I saw the horrible effect drug addiction and drug addiction had on people and its creation of all types of crime.”

The sheriff says 60% to 80% of county jail inmates struggle with substance abuse issues. Drug addiction treatment cuts costs, reduces crime and makes the community safer.

Meanwhile, residential treatment centers are scarce in Kane County and elsewhere in the suburbs. Hain saw the underutilized space above the prison as a way to solve this problem.

“We were right in the middle of the opioid epidemic, as we always are,” he said. “I thought to myself what could be better than having a residential treatment center right above the prison.”

If the plan becomes reality, detainees could receive treatment before returning to the community. In addition, facility services would be available to all adult residents of Kane County.

“It’s for anyone in the community,” Hain said.

Kane County officials have already taken action to reduce rates of drug addiction, crime and death.

A county initiative is encouraging people struggling with drug addiction to get the support they need without fear of being arrested. The “A Way Out” program connects residents to local rehabilitation resources and treatment centers.

Hain says this and other county programs are making a difference. Still, an inpatient drug treatment center would allow Kane County to make even more progress.

The opioid crisis in the suburbs has steadily worsened in recent years. Opening a treatment center inside the Kane County Sheriff’s compound will help save lives. Hopefully the county finds the right partner to open a facility.

The initiative could be a model for other suburban counties, and we applaud it.

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