Kawhi Leonard Reportedly ‘Locked Up’ During Rehab

In most cases, star players trying to recover from injury are forced to do so in the public eye. Kevin Durant’s recovery was well-reported in 2019 after suffering a torn Achilles. Derrick Rose’s ACL rehab several years ago also came into the spotlight. In the case of Kawhi Leonard, her ACL recovery process is shrouded in mystery.

After collapsing in Game 4 of the 2021 Western Conference Semifinals, Leonard was rarely seen with a basketball in his hands. LA Clippers fans have been following closely, however, as they have received little to no update on his status. Nonetheless, with Leonard continuing his long road back, the curtains have been raised somewhat as fans have now received more news regarding his injury timeline and current schedule.

“I am told Leonard has not been restricted at all this month as he continues what has been a successful rehabilitation process so far,” said Law Murray of The Athletic.

Kawhi Leonard doesn’t struggle with mental barriers

When last seen, Leonard provided LA with not only elite-level offensive capability, but also lockdown perimeter defense. While Leonard’s players normally struggle mentally on their way back, the former two-time Defensive Player of the Year apparently showed no concern.

All in all, although Leonard has been through his fair play of innocuous injuries, the current LA Clippers forward has still dusted himself off before returning to the field shortly. However, as is the case with ACL tears, Leonard spent the entirety of the 2021-22 season on the sidelines.

Although he remained sequestered on the Clippers bench, Leonard meticulously attacked his rehab. In doing so, Leonard was not afraid of re-injuring himself. And, according to Murray, it has become apparent that the former two-time NBA champion is hungry to take LA to new levels of prosperity.

“Leonard has also been mentally locked down, as multiple sources suggest the mental hurdles that usually accompany an ACL injury and long-term rehabilitation haven’t deterred him.”

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