Kit Harington talks about alcoholism and depression

The iron Throne star Kit Harington opened up about her struggle with mental health and alcoholism in an interview with Sunday Times. “Things that have happened to me since Thrones completed, and which were occurring during Thrones, were quite traumatic in nature and included alcohol, ”said Harington, who has been sober for two years. The actor described asking for help at a Connecticut treatment center after going through “pretty horrible stuff” after Games of thrones‘s conclusion in 2019. “You come to a place where you feel like a bad person, you feel like a shameful person. And you feel like there is no way out, it’s just who you are. And getting sober is like, ‘No, I can change,’ ”Harington said.

Asked by the Times if he had felt suicidal during that time, Harington replied, “I’ll give you an answer to that question: the answer is yes. Yes of course. I went through times of real depression where I wanted to do all kinds of things. He shared that he hopes to be open about his depression and alcoholism “maybe help someone, somewhere,” while adding, “I certainly don’t want to be seen as a martyr or a special one. lived something, that’s my business.If it helps someone, that’s good.

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