Latest Armie Hammer Saga Report Implicates Robert Downey Jr. Helping Him Detox

After many women come forward for being abused by Armie Hammer (yes, including those viral cannibalism texts), the call me by your name actor verified at a processing center in Orlando, Florida and I spent months there before leaving and returning home in the Cayman Islands. Amid recent reports that Hammer is currently sells timeshares off the Caribbeanthe latest is that Robert Downey Jr. may have been involved in paying for his rehab.

Robert Downey Jr., who has his own addiction recovery story, paid for Armie Hammer’s nearly six-month treatment in Florida, according to a vanity lounge report, which cites a source close to Hammer. Moreover, the Iron Man The actor reportedly provided financial assistance to his fellow actor until he also got back on his feet.

Armie Hammer checked into a rehab facility in Florida on May 31, 2021, to seek treatment for drug, alcohol and sex issues. According to this new information, the center was a 52-acre estate in Silver Springs, particularly catering to clients with a “high-visibility lifestyle,” such as corporate executives, politicians or entertainment professionals.

Last week, Armie Hammer’s low-key life in the Cayman Islands was disrupted when a pamphlet claiming he is a concierge at a resort in the Cayman Islands spread alongside first-hand claims that he works at a resort. Following this virality, Hammer was reportedly “besieged by the press” in Cayman Islands and fled to Los Angeles. Hammer is now believed to be residing in a home owned by Robert Downey Jr. and also reportedly recently attended an AA meeting in Malibu.

The Hammer saga began in January 2021, when the actor’s Instagram direct messages to a woman referenced his interest in “cutting” his toes, “drinking blood” and calling himself “100% cannibal”. The woman who shared the screenshots has also come forward to accuse the actor of a 2017 rape that allegedly involved him “repeatedly” slamming his face against a wall.

Additionally, one of Hammer’s ex-girlfriends, Courtney Vucekovich, backed up the claims by sharing her own experiences where the actor allegedly told her he wanted to break a rib for him, “barbeque and eat it. “. Another ex, Paige Lorenze, said he carved an “A” into his skin with a knife and also told her that he wanted her to remove a rib for his consumption.

Following these claims, Armie Hammer’s wife, Elizabeth Chambers, who split from Hammer in 2020, showed support for women. The TV personality and entrepreneur is said to live in the Cayman Islands and support Hammer however she can as she raises their two children.

Hammer currently has no upcoming movies or television on his plate and reportedly sold timeshares in Cayman Islands to help support his family and get back on his feet. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more about what’s going on with Hammer after his public downfall.

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