Letters: the marijuana referendum is the ‘right choice’

The Supervisory Board Made The Right Choice On The Marijuana Problem We Are Facing [“A burning question,” April 21]. The governor and the General Assembly who are forcing this junk on the citizens of this state should be concerned. It is a known fact that the state has tried unsuccessfully to prevent young children from smoking regular cigarettes and now want to expose your child to an addictive drug. They ignored data from Colorado. In fact, they ignore any advice or data that is submitted to them. Wait until you have to enforce the rules when they are broken. Our police officers have more important things to worry about than having to deal with an individual “full of pot”. It will happen.

Our governor seems to be following in the footsteps of the governor of New York. This is absolutely insane and you don’t need to talk about Andrew Cuomo. So why do we need marijuana in this state and especially in our county? Is this tax money so important that we are exposing our people, especially young people, to the dangers of drug addiction? Marijuana has been shown to lead to other addictions and hamper brain development in young people. Why put our young people in this situation? No member of the General Assembly or our doctor-governor can convince me that growing weed will not lead to law enforcement and other social problems. Ask the school principal how he intends to handle this in our schools. From a law enforcement perspective, I’ve been there and seen this junk in action. We don’t need our children to be exposed to it in any legal form. Prevention would be better. Now we have this stupid law on the books.

I am happy to see our supervisory board authorizing the population to make this decision and I pray that the majority does not want it in our riding. We would do well to tell those who represent us that we do not agree with everything they regurgitate in Richmond. But, again, they didn’t want to listen. Just ask those who represent this county!

George cranford

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