Local bodies in Kozhikode to step up drug abuse control measures among students

Considering the growing number of students involved in various drug-related cases, the majority of local administrators in Kozhikode district decided to reorganize student protection committees. Existing committees will be reconstituted with leaders of parent-teacher associations, neighborhood members, anti-alcohol activists and leaders leading community policing programs.

Efforts are also underway to intensify drug abuse campaigns by various student groups such as the Student Police Cadets, Boy Scouts and Guides, National Cadet Corps, and National Service Program. The support of police and excise officers will also be sought to motivate young people.

Members of the Kunnamangalam grama panchayat said they recently created separate groups for middle and high schools to intensify the vigil. Apart from group activities, police presence would be increased in various public places such as bus stops where drug addicts and hawkers were suspected of camping to woo young people, they said.

Suggestions have also been made by various local bodies to install more complaint boxes in public places to collect information on drug trafficking. Local police stations are likely to support the application covering various schools. The Excise Department has set up such boxes in different parts of the city.

A senior member of a newly formed student protection group in the city said the group’s main focus would be the identification of young drug addicts in schools who would work as agents for large-scale suppliers. “At this time, there is no mechanism in place to check the schoolbags of suspected students. We plan to offer the same as part of attempts to scale up action on the ground,” he said. declared.

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