McGregor Lake habitat restoration project moving forward

The Upper Mississippi River National Fish and Wildlife Sanctuary has announced that restoration of the island is continuing as part of the McGregor Lake habitat rehabilitation project in Pool 10 between Marquette and Prairie du Dog.

In a statement, the agency said mechanical dredging in the East Channel and hydraulic dredging operations at the entrance to McGregor Lake are underway.

“Boaters are urged to use caution and enter McGregor Lake at the designated passage over the hydraulic dredge line. The pipe is marked with buoys. Boaters are urged to stay away from construction equipment and activities on the island, as well as dredging operations and the hydraulic dredge that crosses the entrance to McGregor Lake, ”the statement said.

Construction equipment also places sand along the western shore of McGregor Lake.

About the project

McGregor Lake is a 200-acre lake in Basin 10 of the Mississippi River near Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin.

It is bordered on the west by islands separating it from the main channel and on the east by a peninsula separating it from the east channel.

The lake is located in the Upper Mississippi River National Fish and Wildlife Refuge. It is relatively shallow, with an average depth of 2.5 feet.

In 1989, about 75 percent of the lake had aquatic vegetation. Since then, aquatic vegetation and depth have decreased due to increased sedimentation and turbidity resulting from erosion of barrier islands.

The project includes various features, such as dredging the lake, restoring or strengthening barrier islands, and building small islands in the lake to reduce wave action.

The project will provide productive fish habitat and protect the lake from main channel runoff during the winter.

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