Medicine of the Northwest Dr Constants Adams’ career inspired by his mother’s HIV and work on drug addiction

CHICAGO (WLS) – Dr Constants Adams saw his mother running a home for women battling HIV and drug addiction in the early 1990s in Detroit. This prompted her to become a doctor.

“She created a place where she could serve a community in need that was pretty much ignored by the system at the time,” said Dr. Adams, who just completed her residency at Northwestern Medicine Prentice Women’s Hospital.

Dr Adams not only shares his mother’s passion for helping people, they also have the same name. Ms. Constants Adams said she founded Aware and Serene after losing friends to AIDS.

“It was starting to affect people in the African American community, and people were definitely dying of it,” Ms. Adams said.

Ms. Adams used some of her own money to operate the facility. And, as a single mom, she said she had no choice but to bring her daughter with her while she worked with the residents.

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Dr Adams said that during this time she has learned a valuable lesson which she carries with her as an OB-GYN.

“People know when you care about them and when you invest in them and want to see them do better and when you want to help them do better,” Dr. Adams said.

Ms Adams said the country has come a long way since the first documented cases of AIDS 40 years ago. And she is proud that her work has motivated her daughter to pursue a career of serving those in need.

“She filled her place by identifying how she could have an effective impact not only on a population, but on people in general,” Ms. Adams said.

Dr Adams said she accepted a job with Northwestern OB / GYN Consultants.

“I am delighted to start working as an attending physician and to see this dream come true,” she said.

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