Metro Detroit doctor sold large amounts of painkillers to friend

A doctor in Grosse Pointe Shores was sentenced Thursday to one year and one day in prison for selling large amounts of hydrocodone and diazepam, the generic equivalents of Vicodin and Valium, to a woman who was his friend.

Salvatore Cavaliere, 58, has been sentenced by U.S. District George Caram Steeh after pleading guilty to one count of illegal possession with intent to distribute controlled substances, Acting U.S. Attorney Saima Mohsin said on Friday.

In his guilty plea, Cavaliere admitted to selling his friend hydrocodone in manufacturer’s vials, up to 2,000 dosage units at a time, as well as diazepam in amounts of up to 600 dosage units per month. , Mohsin’s office said.

He admitted responsibility, the office said in a Friday statement, for illegally selling a total of 42,000 dosage units of hydrocodone and diazepam in illegal behavior.

The conduct, Mohsin’s office said, continued for years, with the accused “providing

her hydrocodone, even when she texted her, she was sick, had no more pills and would have to go to a drug treatment program if he didn’t give her more pills. “

Hydrocodone and diazepam, the US attorney’s office noted, should be prescribed by a doctor only for legitimate medical purposes.

“Instead of helping her with drug treatment, he wrote her a prescription for more pills,” the press release noted. “In the end, the friend sought treatment for her drug addiction on her own and stopped obtaining drugs from the accused.”

About 18 months later, she died of a massive overdose of prescription drugs, Mohsin’s office noted.

In sentencing, the defense requested probation and community service for Cavaliere, but Steeh ruled that a sentence of between 12 and 18 months was necessary.

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