Monroe advocates for nonprofits to help Parkview Apartments

MONROE, La. (KNOE) – A local group is trying to make Parkview Apartments a safer place to live. The nonprofit says it is taking action because the city is not doing enough.

Monroe Police data shows 2020 to be the deadliest year at Parkview Apartments of the decade. At least nine people have been killed in Parkview. Today, the founder of Life Changers of Northeast Louisiana says programs like addiction and mental health counseling are making the area safer.

South of I-20, Parkview and its residents are embroiled in a cycle of violent crime. Life Changers of Northeast Louisiana is working to bring positive change to the neighborhood.

“There is nothing at Parkview for these people to do to move from low income to moderate income, but also to change the minds of people and children and continue to want to do better. Right now people are comfortable living in poverty because they don’t have to fight for anything, ”said Life Changers President Damian Coleman.

Coleman wants to change that and end the violence. He has created a non-profit organization that plans to set up programs for people living in the apartment complex. Some of these programs include addiction and mental health counseling, anonymous alcohol, neighborhood intervention and crime prevention, and education programs.

“Children can only gravitate to the lifestyle of crime and the lifestyle of violence. There is nothing stopping them from seeing what adults are doing and emulating the actions and routines they see every day, ”Coleman said.

After presenting the plan to city leaders, Cole was invited to speak to the owners of the resort, Standard Enterprise. He is still waiting for their response.

City council member Kema Dawson said the city had given Parkview additional police presence and neighborhood watch.

“We just have to make sure that people actually report what they see if they know the details of a crime. They have to go ahead and talk to the police and that’s how we can actually help a lot of the crime, ”Dawson said.

Even with a few extra resources, Coleman wants Parkview to be a top priority for the city.

“We ask them to start focusing on the areas that need the most attention and not just the areas that are beautiful in the city, but the ugly parts of it. People that nobody wants to deal with, ”Coleman said.

Life Changers urges community members to call the mayor, city council, or anyone who can help Parkview residents.

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