Mount Sinai faces bedbug outbreak in rehabilitation area

Mount Sinai has faced a bedbug outbreak that a staff member compared the premises to with the Rikers Island prison complex.

Some employees were alerted to the itchy problem on the second floor of the Mount Sinai Rehabilitation Center on Madison Avenue on Sunday, sources told The Post.

But it wasn’t until Wednesday that pest control officers were seen in the hospital, sources said.

This led one nurse to describe the management as “completely reckless”.

“It’s a hospital, not Rikers,” the nurse said, referring to the chaotic city prison complex.

The bedbugs were found in an area of ​​the hospital where patients are rehabilitating from spinal cord injuries, sources said.

“Management should be ashamed of their wait until (Wednesday) to call pest control and continue to put our patients at risk when they come here to be cured,” a doctor told The Post. A “worried and upset” relative of a patient alerted him on Sunday afternoon to the presence of pesky insects, he said.

But in a statement to the Post, the hospital said the problem was dealt with quickly.

Tess, a bed bug sniffer dog from Western Pest Control.
Western pest control

“As soon as it was discovered, we put environmental management and pest control in place,” said a spokesperson for the Mount Sinai Health System. The spokesperson confirmed the bed bugs but did not provide an exact timeline of when the issue was brought to the attention of administration.

“Earlier this week, bed bugs were identified in and around a staff area,” the spokesperson said.

“In accordance with hospital protocol, environmental services and pest control have been notified. The area was cleared of personal effects, closed, treated and disinfected.

A pest-trained dog sniffed the second floor with a small black vest with the words “Working Dog” engraved on it.

Some workers wore additional PPE amid the infestation, with one doctor claiming to have seen a nurse in PPE gear “from head to toe.”

A former patient also told the Post that bedbugs were found in the hospital emergency room about a month ago and he had to hire an inspection company to check his Upper West home. Side to make sure none of them came home with him.

This was confirmed by John Brickman, partner of NYC Bed Bug Inspections – but he pointed out that Mount Sinai was not a particular problem area with other hospitals having problems as well.

“We get calls from everywhere – hotels, department stores, airports and, yes, hospitals,” he said, stressing that these were “normally just isolated incidents that are dealt with” and quickly cleared. .

“It never stops. Wherever there is human trafficking, you run the risk of catching bedbugs, ”he warned.

Hospitals are particularly vulnerable because they “can’t refuse people at the door” so they end up “taking everything they have,” he said.

“Some hospitals also treat more homeless people than others, which is why some are more infested than others due to the type of people coming in and out.

“But generally there is a protocol in place in each of them to help remedy whatever is going on,” he said.

The company was not called for service in this week’s issue.

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