National control of alcoholic beverages modernizes business processes


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The state entity responsible for alcohol licensing, education and law enforcement is modernizing its processes and user experience.

the California Department of Alcohol Control (ABC) launched this spring with a new portal to help the industry stay on top of training requirements – but more updates are in the works. Among the takeaways:

  • ABC went live on March 22 with the Responsible Beverage Service (RBS) Portal Minimum Viable Product (MVP), as part of the modernization of its activity (BizMod). It is designed to enable “alcoholic beverage servers, licensees and training providers” to ensure that they meet training requirements, according to a Press release of the entrepreneur, HHS Technology Group, which was awarded the contract in January 2020. The BizMod project includes RBS and online renewals as part of the licensing services.
  • “We will continue to work on post-MVP RBS user stories as we begin work on our licensing services, starting with online renewals for ABC licensees,” ABC Chief Information Officer Jeff Obrecht Told Techwire by email. The department successfully rolled out two more post-MVP releases around the following month.
  • A separate feature that is not part of BizMod is Price display, which allows wholesalers to display beer prices in the system; it began the fourth phase of its commissioning on April 19. ABC worked with Cambria Solutions to develop this solution. The rollout was divided into six phases, with phases 1 to 3 allowing manufacturers to enter product information and phases 4 to 6 for wholesalers to submit prices. The deployment division allowed for faster problem resolution by ABC staff.
  • The RBS portal was set in motion by the Responsible Beverage Service Training Act of 2017, which aimed to reduce “alcohol-related harm in local communities, particularly in relation to impaired driving and alcohol-related crimes”, according to the California League of Cities. He mandated alcoholic beverage servers in the state to be able to attend training by July 1 on the “dangers of excessive alcohol consumption to customers.” The League estimated that the new law required the training of 600,000 servers. ABC worked with HHS Technology and the California Department of Technology on the new RBS portal, which the entrepreneur described as “a leading platform to meet new licensing and training requirements of the legislation.”

    “We are proud to partner with the State of California to support comprehensive training and education for alcoholic beverage servers,” Tommy swiderThe executive vice president of professional services at HHS said in a statement.


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