New dual rehabilitation center aims to fill gaps in region

A group of people are working to meet the needs of the community by working to open a dual rehabilitation center in Alliance.

Alex Jines, one of the co-directors of the Sandhills Center for Hope, said that by opening the facility, they hope to serve the area by providing rehabilitation services locally.

“We are a dual and improved treatment center that provides continuity of care,” Jines said. “So we start with a medical detox level. We have the possibility of accompanying someone until the outpatient consultation. The program itself is a higher standard of care than anything we have in the Panhandle. It really deals with both addiction and mental health in a way that represents a lower level of care than a low-floor unit.

Jines explained that the group is currently working on a fundraiser to support the program. Some of the fundraising activities they host include the Krispy Kreme donut sale, a silent auction, which will open on July 1, a food stall at Heritage Days, a family kickball tournament on July 24, and serve at the Box Butte County Fair.

“We were very fortunate to have many local businesses who contacted and donated items for this silent auction and showed us a lot of support,” Jines said.

Another event they are planning is having a fun 5K run / walk in partnership with Brewery 719, followed by dinner.

Jines explained that over her years of experience, she has seen the need for a dual rehabilitation center evolve.

“I have nine years of drug addiction experience and worked in the residential treatment program here in town for eight years,” Jines said. “This is one of those things where the drug problem in our region, not just the Alliance, but the Panhandle, is very alive and well. I have met some of the coolest people who have been my patients over the years. I know these are not bad people.

“This is really an area that has a lot of stigma, so we make an effort to try to loosen that stigma and help personalize the people we deal with,” Jines said. “At HSI we used to draw hearts around the writings of the deceased, and I started opening this business because I put too many hearts on the wall. I have had too many patients who have died. I’ve seen too many of them go to jail. I know the level of care that we are working to provide is only available once you get to the eastern part of the state. “

The closest facility to provide the level of treatment they plan to provide is in Lincoln. She said seeing the need for these services prompted her to get down to business.

Nina Millwood and Shawnda Connor worked with Jines to form the center. Jines hopes to innovate before the end of the year. She explained that they are working on the construction of a facility and hope to open in 2022.

“We are working to be extremely community-oriented,” Jines said. “Whether it’s Alliance or some of the surrounding areas, some of the partnerships we’re working on will help develop and support our small community, like working with local pharmacies, working with local butchers so we can provide food. The whole plan is to support our region with community and family oriented practice. I just want to express my gratitude. The community has been great with us. We appreciate their support.

Jines explained that they are teaming up with local law enforcement and other agencies to make the double rehabilitation center a success.

Those interested in supporting the center are encouraged to contact Jines at 308-723-1788, or by emailing them at [email protected]

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