New state law changes North Carolina alcohol laws and ABC store policies

Governor Roy Cooper signed a bill on September 10 to amend current liquor laws in North Carolina, including allowing online orders at ABC stores and the purchase of a second alcoholic beverage at events university sportsmen.

House Bill 890 grants customers the ability to place orders online at ABC stores starting October 1. A requirement for picking up orders online is that the order must be picked up by the person who placed the order. Customers will receive an identification number to present with their identification when picking up orders.

UNC senior Kiana Burns is excited about the change, saying she believes online ordering will be helpful in increasing sales at local ABC stores.

“I always end up running too late to the ABC store so I never get my order,” Burns said. “Plus, you won’t have to do that tricky research, especially since the last year is when everyone is 21, so they don’t know how to approach an ABC store.”

UNC senior executive Kwame Amankwah believes the change will make ABC stores more accessible, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s especially easier for people who are immunocompromised,” Amankwah said.

The HB 890 will also allow spectators of college or university sporting events or statewide facilities to purchase up to two alcoholic beverages at a time during the events. This change took effect once the bill was enacted.

“There will definitely be more drunk people at (football games),” Burns said.

Amankwah doesn’t think the bill will have much impact on sales.

“I don’t know how many people this will affect,” Amankwah said. “A lot of people really don’t buy drinks at sporting events because they are so expensive.”

Other changes to alcohol laws include, but are not limited to, revisions to wineries and distilleries laws, the ability of ABC stores to sell chilled beverages, and an ordinance that the Town of Cary not will no longer be required to issue its own liquor licenses. .

The bill also establishes the North Carolina Spirits Advisory Council. The council will be responsible for assisting in the growth and development of the alcoholic beverage industry in the state.

Representative Tim Moffitt, R-Henderson, was one of the sponsors of HB 890. He said he believed the purpose of this bill was to modernize and help the distillery industry.

“The overall objective of the bill is to modernize a very archaic alcoholic beverage control system,” Moffitt said. “At the same time, we recognize that our local distilleries are probably the fastest growing agribusiness in our state. We strive to put them on a reasonable par with the beer and wine industry. wine.”

There are many implications to this new law, and Moffitt believes they are all positive.

He added that the bill was created in response to continued pressure to modernize the process of buying alcohol at ABC stores due to advancements in technology. The bill covers a variety of topics related to the sale and consumption of alcohol as well as the distillery industry itself.

“We recognize that the people of our state are broadly responsible citizens,” Moffitt said. “This bill is about the free market and individual freedom.”

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