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Montezuma Winery operates a slushy wine stand at the 2018 New York State Fair.

Megan Ehrhart

A bill introduced by a Syracuse state senator would allow vendors to use their permits to sell alcoholic beverages at the 2020 New York State Fair for this year’s event.

State Senator Rachel May is the sponsor of the measure that would extend permits issued for the sale of alcoholic beverages at the 2021 state fair. The fair was canceled last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

To sell alcoholic beverages at the fair, vendors must obtain a temporary license. Permits are issued for that year’s fair, which means vendors must apply for a new license each year.

Due to the show’s cancellation in 2020, May, D-Syracuse, wants to give sellers a break this year. She wants them to be able to use the permits issued last year for the 2021 state fair.

Vendors pay a $ 260 fee for the temporary permit, according to the state’s liquor control law.

“The New York State Fair is a huge economic engine in the upstate,” May said. “A lot of our suppliers are small businesses that rely on the fair for a large portion of their annual revenue. Like many other industries, the pandemic has hit these businesses hard and we must do what we can to alleviate their burden. burden.”


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