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NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., February 3, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Northbound Processing Center in Newport Beach continues to provide unique signature services that advance the healing journey and provide future goals for those struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. These signature services focus on a wide range of topics that benefit people both in the treatment center and outside, and range from academic and career counseling to family services, music recovery, telemedicine, etc.

“A big part of the healing process is helping individuals develop a plan for their lives outside of treatment,” says Ryan Snodgrass, Clinical Director at Northbound. “These signature programs serve a wide variety of roles. Some provide our patients with positive coping skills that can aid healing progression when formal treatment is complete. Other signature programs help individuals create a plan of action so they know their responsibility to stay sober continues, even after they leave our facility.”

Exclusive Services at the Northbound Processing Center at Newport Beach are available to any patient participating in a recovery program. While patients can or request any of the signature services available, treatment teams can also suggest services that they believe could be beneficial for a particular patient based on their needs or interests. Signature Services include Dual Diagnosis, Careerbound®, Collegebound®, Family Services, Faith-Based Recovery, Music Recovery, and more.

“Individualized treatment plans are catalysts for long-term healing,” continues Snodgrass, “If we are able to provide our patients with personalized services that directly address their needs, then we are doing our job well.”

If you are interested in Northbound Treatment Center or the signature services they offer, you can contact them anytime at (949) 763-3576 or on their website at

Northbound Processing Center | Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Orange County (Newport Beach)

3822 Campus Dr STE 200, Newport Beach, California 92660

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Paul AlexanderNorthbound Treatment Services, +1 (949) 763-3576, [email protected]

Paul AlexanderNorthbound Treatment Services, (949) 763-3576, [email protected]

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